A Different Kind of Christmas Tree

alternative christmas trees
In our five years of marriage, my husband and I have yet to buy a traditional Christmas tree. We’ve been living on a student budget in a student sized space so haven’t quite found that buying a live tree is in our best interest. To make sure it still feels festive around here I’ve tried alternative ideas, usually just mini tabletop trees, but this year I’m feeling inspired to do even more. Here are twenty different ideas for trees that are a little different then the norm but still oh so festive.

  • String 1 of 20
    Never underestimate the most simple of materials.
    From Sweet Paul
  • Canvas 2 of 20
    Chalkboard paint and canvas fabric makes for a cool look.
    From House and Home
  • Hanging Ornaments 3 of 20
    Hanging Ornaments
    I love the floating look.
    From Not Martha
  • Wooden 4 of 20
    Don't have time to make your own? You can buy this one.
    From Wood+ Wool Stool
  • Pretty Vase 5 of 20
    Pretty Vase
    The turquoise vase makes this droopy tree glam.
    From Fryd + Design
  • Felted Wool 6 of 20
    Felted Wool
    Cute and colorful.
    From Down to the Woods
  • Branches 7 of 20
    A plethora of bare branches in a bucket makes a festive display.
    From Ballard Designs via Hooray
  • Mini Potted 8 of 20
    Mini Potted
    Gather up random vessels around the house for this cute look.
    From The Haystack Needle
  • Scrap Wood 9 of 20
    Scrap Wood
    Pick up scrap wood from a construction site and piece it together.
    From Wood + Wool Stool
  • Bottle Tree 10 of 20
    Bottle Tree
    Find a scrubber like this in the home cleaning section.
    From Sweet Paul
  • Branches 11 of 20
    I'm just curious how she got this to stay put.
    From Sarah Hogan
  • Plain + Potted 12 of 20
    Plain + Potted
    Keep it basic and pot a mini tree in every room in the house. I can smell the pine now.
    From Hus + Hem
  • Tape + Clothes Pins 13 of 20
    Tape + Clothes Pins
    You can hang your smaller presents.
    From Stylizmo
  • Dotted Tinsel 14 of 20
    Dotted Tinsel
    For a little extra sparkle.
    From Karen Barbe
  • White Tape 15 of 20
    White Tape
    So simple but oh so clever.
    From David Stark for West Elm
  • Stacked Dowels 16 of 20
    Stacked Dowels
    Paul makes everything look good.
    From Sweet Paul
  • Yarn + Fabric 17 of 20
    Yarn + Fabric
    I like that this one actually has presents under it.
    From Apartment Therapy
  • Frame Tree 18 of 20
    Frame Tree
    Gather up all your mismatched frames and put them to good use.
    From CB2
  • Chalkboard Tree 19 of 20
    Chalkboard Tree
    You could even draw on ornaments to your liking.
    From CB2
  • Twinkle Lights 20 of 20
    Twinkle Lights
    Instead of using Christmas lights to decorate a tree, use them to make a tree.
    From A Merry Mishap

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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