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The Martha Stewart Show

I was so excited to receive an invite from Darcy Miller to attend a live taping of the Martha Stewart Show this week, all about her daughter’s third birthday party, a party entirely dedicated to the color purple.

Darcy highlighted a few of the inexpensive, fun ideas she came up with for celebrating her youngest little person with style, and it had me so excited for all the possibilities of color-themed parties. Color-themed! I mean, talk about a simple idea you could embellish to the ends of the earth! Every kid has a favorite color!

After the jump, a few of Darcy’s best ideas for a color-themed birthday party, complete with how-to links!

  • Purple Purple Purple! 1 of 4
    Purple Purple Purple!
    From handmade party hats to single color M&Ms, to child-sized boas and tiaras, the party was purple from top to bottom. Darcy discovered that there is a crazy amount of terribly specific party stores on the Internet (hello, that can satisfy any terribly specific party need. A full list of all the sources she used is available HERE
    Photo Credit: Rob Tannenbaum/The Martha Stewart Show
  • Purple Party Favors 2 of 4
    Purple Party Favors
    A few fun ideas: vuvuzelas can be ordered in any color of the rainbow, and make great noisemakers (just keep them outdoors!). Gum balls and other color-specific candies not only make great snacks but beautiful party decor, and when in a pinch, glazed and frosted donuts from the local bakery can be dusted in colored sugar for a surprisingly elegant look! (Those giant flowers are actually GIANT PIXIE STICKS!)
    Photo Credit: Rob Tannenbaum/The Martha Stewart Show
  • Purple Party Crafts 3 of 4
    Purple Party Crafts
    All you need for this simple craft is a white tee shirt, some isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and Sharpies. YES, Sharpies! Talk about simple and low fuss! Full instructions for this craft can be found HERE.
    Photo Credit: Rob Tannenbaum/The Martha Stewart Show
  • Purple Party Treats 4 of 4
    Purple Party Treats
    Whoopie pies are not only delicious (and trendy--new cupcake much?), they also have a terribly tasy, terribly color-customizable middle. Genius! And David Crofton, from One Girl Cookies, points out that an adults-only version can be made with Cassis flavoring. Nice. The recipe for these bad boys is available HERE.
    Photo Credit: Rob Tannenbaum/The Martha Stewart Show

Find the complete list of party sources HERE, at

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