Advice from Your Favorite Bloggers: Finding Time to Coupon

I am slowly getting back into the savings game — with a little help from my friends. I have listened to a lot of advice and really taken it to heart.

After releasing the guilt over a couponing break, I’ve been slowly adding coupons to my shopping habits again. We’re once again collecting coupons from a variety of sources, and they’re piling up.

The problem now is finding the time to sort through my coupons! So, I turned once again to the experts — fellow frugal blogger across the web — to see how they make time for couponing:

  • Clip the Best, File the Rest 1 of 10
    Clip the Best, File the Rest
    "Between five kids, a blog and a business I have NO time to organize my coupons so I use the 'clip the best and file the rest' method!"
    Denise from Shopper Strategy and Coupon Clutch
    Tip: Clip only the coupons you know you will use while filing the rest away in case you find a better deal later.
  • Multitask 2 of 10
    "I typically clip mine on Sundays when my husband and I are watching some shows together, being occupied makes it easier to get it done and not feel like a chore...Every blue moon I'll get lucky and my husband will help clip them. I cherish those days."
    Laura from Thrifty Wifey
    Tip: The new coupons and most weekly ads come in the Sunday newspaper, making it the perfect time to sift through your stash on a lazy afternoon.
  • Keep the Kids Occupied 3 of 10
    Keep the Kids Occupied
    "I clip them when the kids are watching Americas Funniest Home Videos...they are so engulfed in it."
    Matt from A Thrifty Mom
    Tip: As the kids get older feel free to let them pitch in — they can cut coupons, file inserts, and help alphabetize or categorize your coupons.
  • Don’t Clip Everything 4 of 10
    Don't Clip Everything
    "We don't clip them all, but store full inserts in a file cabinet filed by date. We clip the ones we know we're going to use and put those (along with printables, tearpads and coupons by mail) in a binder that is organized using subject dividers by product category. Not clipping them all also saves a lot of time, since 75% of the coupons in inserts will not be used."
    Zack from Look Before Spending
    Tip: Concentrate your efforts on coupons for items you'll actually need — so if your kids are past the potty-training years, save the diaper coupons for a friend instead of wasting precious time clipping them.
  • Don’t Clip Anything 5 of 10
    Don't Clip Anything
    "I'll be the black sheep and point out that you don't always have to physically clip — use a service like Saving Star and there's no clipping required!"
    Mir from Want Not
    Tip: This was the first step that really got me invested in couponing. Mobile coupons, printable coupons, e-coupons — they're easy to use since I can click or print just before I head to the store. Find more Internet Coupons at
  • Clip Together 6 of 10
    Clip Together
    "I clip them on Sunday afternoons while my girls are sleeping. My husband usually helps me."
    Laura from I Am THAT Lady
    Tip: Working as a pair can help you stay organized and move faster — have one person clip, while the other organizes!
  • Name Your Binder 7 of 10
    Name Your Binder
    "Naming your binder makes it a part of the family so it's always with you. I keep my binder in my car and I take Pinky out of the car on Friday night. Cause nothing says I am mom like cutting coupons on Friday night and Saturday morning."
    Aimee from Pretty Frugal Diva
    Tip: I totally love this idea — who wants to help me name my lovely purple houndstooth Coupon Clutch? Incorporating couponing into your weekly routine is also a great way to make sure it doesn't fall to the wayside!
  • Road Clip 8 of 10
    Road Clip
    "I enjoy cutting and gathering my coupons, going through my coupon binder and reviewing what coupons I have ... I have also been known to organize my coupons on car rides."
    Kate from Coupon Cravings
    Tip: As long as you're not the one behind the wheel, this is a brilliant way to use extra time on the road. Get everything back into shape on your next road trip!
  • Find Stolen Moments 9 of 10
    Find Stolen Moments
    "I clip and organize mine in a binder at the kids' soccer games and drama practices."
    Heather from In God's Economy
    Tip: If you find yourself sitting around with extra time while you wait for your kids' activities to finish up, bring your couponing supplies next time — you might find another parent who does it, too!
  • Use a Clipping Service 10 of 10
    Use a Clipping Service
    "I no longer clip them! It's so much easier for me to order them online through a clipping service like Coupondede or a local company vs. trying to find the time to clip them. In the end, I get coupons that I'll use for my family and donations and able to stock up on product as well."
    Marci from Cincinnati Coupons
    Tip: If you're falling behind on coupon clipping, these services can be a great way to get back in gear and save money on household items you need the most. Read more on Coupon Clipping Services at


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