Affording Fido: Is a Family Pet in Your Future?

can we afford a pet  There are not too many parents that can escape the ‘can we, please?’ question when it comes to pets. There are some families that will always have pets and there are families that will reject the idea time and again. For those families that are open to the pet idea, it is important to remember that adopting or buying a pet of any kind is an expense that will carry on for year and you need to be sure you are able to fit pet care into your budget.

Remember that regardless of what pet you invest in for your family you have to have the appropriate time to spend with it and must be able to provide the standard of care necessary to keep the animal safe.

Here are some considerations to make before agreeing to bring a pet into your household…

  • Adoption Fees 1 of 5
    adoption fees

    Any shelters and even private adopters will require a fee upfront in order to bring the pet home. These fees do help with care expenses of the organization but they are also meant to ensure the family adopting the animal is serious about the adoption and this may be why adoption fees for pets in need can seem a little high. You need to research the amount of the adoption fee and what it includes. Most shelters will already spay or neuter dogs and cats before they allow them to leave. Shots and other care may also be included in the initial adoption fee.

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  • Veterinary Care Costs 2 of 5
    vet costs

    Regardless of the animal type, you will need to consider the ongoing costs for health care. Vaccinations can be costly and typically must be administered yearly. You also have to be prepared for emergency care costs if the animal gets sick or hurt. Emergency animal care can be very expensive. There are insurance plans that could help but they will also cost money on a regular basis. Neglecting regular health care can put you in danger of animal abuse fines and emergency care costs.

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  • Pet Supplies 3 of 5
    pet supplies

    Dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, birds, and lizards all require their own type of equipment including food, housing, toys, and appropriate space. Make sure your home can accommodate the pet you choose and you can afford the initial cost and ongoing upkeep of the pet you select. Research what kind of pet best suites your household to ensure you can afford to get everything it needs to live a happy, healthy life.

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  • Cleaning Supplies 4 of 5
    Cleaning Supplies

    Pets are messy and hairy and they will require tape rollers to catch hair and extra supplies to clean up accidents if they are not housebroken. Of course, you can always make your own cleaning supplies too and that will help reduce the costs a bit.

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  • Kenneling Fees 5 of 5

    If your family plans any travel, you may not be able to take your pet with you. You will need to find a reputable kennel where they can stay while you are away. Kennel costs or pet sitters can be expensive on top of your vacation plans so you need to be sure you can handle the fees when you plan to leave your home for an extended period of time.

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What do you think? Do you have a new pet in your future?

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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