Apartment Tour: Vintage Industrial Barcelona Loft

It isn’t often that I’ll come across an apartment tour online that floors me from start to finish. Generally a photo of one room or even just a corner of a room will make me gasp with loveliness, and then I’ll be like, “oh, this is the rest of it?” and feel ultimately let down.

But the other day as I was following some strange series of links (down the rabbit hole!) deep into the Internet, I happened upon this apartment tour in the Spanish blog (Luckily I speak a wee little bit of Spanish.)

And then I died a million times. No, but really.

You’ve got to see this apartment! After the jump!

  • Living Room 1 of 13
    Living Room
    The pink! The amazing chandelier! Oh, that floor lamp! The Eames rocker! Dead.
  • Living Room 2 of 13
    Living Room
    This apartment manages to score in every area: sumptuously lovely feeling? It is! Modern and minimal? It is that too! Pink? It's SO pink! The painted brick is just such a lovely textural element, and the ceiling? Have I mentioned the chandelier yet? Am I gushing too much?
  • Kitchen 3 of 13
    The owners have separated the living and eating spaces with a custom island for appliances, which you'll see more of in a few photos. Above the kitchen lies a sleeping loft.
  • Vintage Fridge! 4 of 13
    Vintage Fridge!
    Why yes, you've seen this vintage fridge before (I used this image in my vintage fridge slideshow). What really grabs me about this room is how seamlessly the hardwoods and the concrete flooring blend together, and how perfectly the vintage/modern industrial/pink combination plays against itself.
  • Kitchen/Dining Room 5 of 13
    Kitchen/Dining Room
    You can see more of the built-in appliances here. If this had been my kitchen I'd have been tempted to mix it up with white chairs maybe, but I would have been wrong. The stainless steel on stainless steel really sets the perfect backdrop for all the amazing touches, and anything else might be too much visual distraction.
  • Kitchen 6 of 13
    I am going to assume that is some major storage happening above the fridge and sink. (Do you think those are Ikea cabinets above the sink?)
  • Sleeping Loft 7 of 13
    Sleeping Loft
    Here we see more of the vintage charm peeking out of all these industrial modern bones with the trunk, the frame, and of course the PINK CROCS.
  • Sleeping Loft 8 of 13
    Sleeping Loft
    Pro tip: To easily blend styles, stick to a color palette. Here they've painted those antique-looking end tables the exact color of their stainless steel. Also note how, even though the two pendant lamps are entirely different materials, their shapes mimic each other perfectly.
  • Sleeping Loft 9 of 13
    Sleeping Loft
    Wardrobes for clothes storage, and can you get over that enormous basket? Gives dirty laundry a whole new air of awesomeness, is what it does! (Check out that wallpaper! Eeep!)
  • Bathroom 10 of 13
    I like how, in this mix of styles apartment, they go all for the vintage feminine in the bathroom (with juuust a smidge of the masculine in the wall treatment).
  • Bedroom 11 of 13
    This is the sweetest little girls room I have ever seen in the entirety of my life, and I am not exaggerating even the slightest.
  • Bedroom 12 of 13
    The kid who sleeps here is just the coolest, I can already tell. I especially love the unexpected pops of army green.
  • Floor Plan 13 of 13
    Floor Plan
    What we didn't get to see in the original apartment tour is that huge outdoor space! Something tells me it is equally as amazing as the rest of this perfect two bedroom/one sleeping loft little stunner.

All images via micasarevista.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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