Attention, Hoarders! 21 New Uses for Old Knick-Knacks

Are you a sucker for shoving things in your attic or basement, rather than tossing them in the trash? Is your partner constantly asking you what you will possibly do with the 153 wine corks you’ve saved over the past 6 (er … 12?) months or the old road atlas you’ve had lying in your trunk since the ‘80s? Whether it’s old clothes, used kitchenware, or empty packaging, we have projects that’ll breathe new life into old things — and might even spruce up your home’s style (or your own!) in the process. — Jenn Gimbel

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  • A Dream House (for Dolls!) 1 of 21
    A Dream House (for Dolls!)
    Transform a junky dresser into the ultimate dollhouse for your little girl. A couple old drawers, some sand paper, and a little paint make this a must-do project your kids will go gaga for!
    Transform a dresser drawer into a dollhouse
  • Pretty in Pink 2 of 21
    Pretty in Pink
    If your old Teflon cookie sheet has seen better days, grab some spray paint and turn it into a trés-chic magnetic board. You can also add magnets to the bottom of pretty cupcake holders for playful accessories!
    Transform a cookie sheet into a magnetic board
  • Home Depot-Approved Art 3 of 21
    Home Depot-Approved Art
    Are you one of those people who heads to Home Depot for two paint chips and leaves with over 30? Perfect! Put those no-longer-needed swatches to use by making a creative piece of art for your kid's bedroom.
    Transform paint chips into artwork
  • A Craft Room Staple 4 of 21
    A Craft Room Staple
    If your craft supplies look anything like ours, odds are your balls of string, yarn, and twine are forever getting tangled in knots. For a playful fix, hang old funnels on your craft room wall for easy storage and a cool new look!
    Transform old funnels into string dispensers
  • Bottoms Up! 5 of 21
    Bottoms Up!
    Have a garage full of old jars and bottles? Grab some wire, candles, and bicycle spokes to create a gorgeous bottle chandelier for your backyard. (We guarantee your neighbors will be talking …)
    Transform old bottles into an outdoor chandelier
  • Hoo! Hoo! 6 of 21
    Hoo! Hoo!
    Outgrow a comfy fall sweater? A few snips and stitches will turn your old pull-over into an adorable owl scarf and hat set for your little one!
    Transform an old sweater into a hat and scarf set
  • Buttons Worthy of Da Vinci 7 of 21
    Buttons Worthy of Da Vinci
    And just when you thought you'd never find a use for those bags and bags and bags of buttons stowed away in your craft room, we bring you The Mona Lisa … in buttons. We challenge you to recreate another artist's masterpiece — Starry Night, anyone?
    Transform buttons into a work of art
  • A Phone Book to Envy 8 of 21
    A Phone Book to Envy
    The next time you cringe when the dreaded 500-pound phonebook shows up on your doorstep (who even uses those any more?!) — remember this awesome way to turn it into your pencils' new best friend.
    Transform a phone book into a pencil holder
  • Picture in a Bottle 9 of 21
    Picture in a Bottle
    Old bottles make a fun and unique way to showcase family photos. Bonus: They double as creative fireplace décor!
    Transform old bottles into picture displays
  • Some Things Are Okay to Re-gift … 10 of 21
    Instead of sticking a gift card in a boring ol' envelope, stick it in an old jar that you've decorated with fun ornaments for a unique touch on the gift packaging.
    Transform an old jar into a gift card holder
  • Keep Your Photos From Getting Lost … 11 of 21
    Keep Your Photos From Getting Lost ...
    Cover a plain photo album with maps from an old atlas for an awesome way to display photos from your family's latest road trip.
    Transform old maps into a photo album
  • Diapers Just Got More Exciting 12 of 21
    Diapers Just Got More Exciting
    Your diaper-wearing baby's finally mastered the art of potty-training, but you still have countless diaper boxes piled high in your garage. Turn them into fanciful storage totes for your kids' playroom. Ah, diapers … the gift that just keeps giving.
    Transform diaper boxes into storage totes
  • Menswear with a Twist 13 of 21
    Menswear with a Twist
    What's sexier on a woman than a menswear-inspired dress? Transform your partner's old dress shirt into a fabulous closet must-have. (We have a feeling you'll look better in it than he did … )
    Transform a mens dress shirt into a womens dress
  • Lights Out! 14 of 21
    Lights Out!
    Does your kid's obsession with candy rival Willy Wonka's? Then turn used candy wrappers into fun light switch décor for a sweet (and stylish!) splash to their bedroom!
    Turn candy wrappers into light switch decor!
  • Naturally Chic 15 of 21
    Naturally Chic
    Sick and tired of finding your kid's hair bows in every room of the house but the bathroom? You can use old pieces of scrap ribbon and a large outdoor twig to make a lovely hair bow holder — just try to make sure your kid uses it!
    Transform old ribbon into a hair bow holder
  • Uncorked 16 of 21
    All those wine nights have supplied you with the tools needed to make this ridiculously cool sculpture. Uncork. Build. Marvel.
    Transform wine corks into home decor
  • A Rug-ged Re-do 17 of 21
    A Rug-ged Re-do
    A vintage tablecloth — you know, that one your great aunt gave you that you tossed in the linen closet, never to be seen again — transforms into a gorgeous area rug for the family room or playroom.
    Transform a tablecloth into an area rug
  • Fabric Arm Candy 18 of 21
    Fabric Arm Candy
    That fave t-shirt you've been wearing for the past 10 years (the one that's covered in holes and nostalgia) easily transforms into crafty fabric bangles — which means you'll never have to take it off again!
    Transform an old t-shirt into bangles
  • Grocery Bags Just Got Fancier … 19 of 21
    Grocery Bags Just Got Fancier ...
    Create a trendy new home for your grocery bags by covering an empty Clorox wipes tube with old patterned fabric. Bonus: Keep these tubes out in the open for a chic addition to your kitchen decor!
    Transform a Clorox Wipes container into a grocery bag holder
  • Saran Wrap Tableware 20 of 21
    Saran Wrap Tableware
    Cover empty saran wrap tubes with fabric scraps to create unique napkin rings for your dining room table. These are so easy, we plan on dressing up our napkins for every holiday!
    Transform a Saran Wrap tube into handy tableware
  • Its a Wrap! 21 of 21
    For all you fashionistas out there, add a seriously stylish twist to a pair of nude pumps by wrapping with sheer stockings. Rachel Zoe, eat your
    heart out!
    Transform stockings into high-heel accessories


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