Babble Editors Live Blog: Craft Week on the Martha Stewart Show!

Hi Babble readers! Andrea Zimmerman and Dara Pettinelli reporting from the Martha Stewart Show! When the  lovely folks from Martha Stewart invited us to live blog an episode of Craft Week on the show, we jumped at the chance! And what better place to do it than on our new Home Ec blog! They’re taping live this morning–so stay tuned as we update you on all the crafty goodness that goes on during the show! (Any Martha Stewart fans out there?)

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Andrea: Well, that’s strange. Somehow our live blog beginning was deleted. But we’re about to meet Jade—a craft blogger who has promised to do 100+ Martha Stewart crafts. She considers it her Martha Stewart Challenge. That is a LOT of crafts.

Andrea: She’s on #15 of her craft series. She’s showing us the paper cut-out nightlight and now they’re about to make a cool photo mat to display photos on. The stars of the photos? Martha’s dog.


Dara: Starting this month, our very own Home Ec blogger Amy is actually  going to be doing a Martha Stewart craft each week from Martha’s new book: Handmade Holiday Crafts. We’re so excited to see how they come out! Will they be perfect? Will they be fails? You’ll have to stay tuned…

Dara: Ok now they’re discussing how to frame your fave pics, this is where I need to pay attention because my craft skills leave little to be desired.

Andrea: Ha! You and me both. Those frames are amazing. (And so easy even WE could do them.) Dara–my portrait would look so nice in one, don’t you think?

Dara: Oh absolutely, especially if you’re photographed next to me. Ok they just gave away some craft paper. What are we going to do with it Andrea? I’m thinking we send it to Amy who’ll be kicking off  her blog series I mentioned earlier, Crafts with Martha and Amy, with Halloween crafts. Now they’re gearing up for segment #2. Looks like we’re going to be roasting some fall veggies with lentils. Again, this is not my area of expertise…

Andrea: Agreed! Okay–now we’re on the 2nd segment. Martha’s cooking some fall veggies. I am such a fan of comfort food in the fall. Okay, let’s be honest. I’m a fan of comfort food in general. P.S. Check out a photo of the audience from our perspective…


Dara: We’re learning all about beans vs. legumes right now and how to soak them. Looks like they’re making a beautiful veggie stew that I’d never be able to pull off at home. I’m a big fan of Pregresso…just heat and eat! That said, I haven’t had breakfast and it’s taking a lot of discipline not to go down there and start helping them out so I can take a bite. (They keep saying how easy it is to make this. I’m thinking if you’re a foodie like our Family Kitcheners, this is true. For me, not so much.)

Andrea: How good did that salad look? I thought I was hungry before I got here. Now, I’m starving. (And I love that Martha is taking a bite of what she just made right now!) And now we’re headed to the greenhouse segment to learn about moss. Honestly, I know nothing about moss. Nothing. This should be interesting! (P.S. Martha’s heels are super-cute, no?) Okay, back to the show…

Dara: I love her heels! She’s prettier in person than I expected. So now David Spade (not the actor) is here teaching us about moss. Hmm…Also, I thought they were making soup earlier. Now everyone truly understands my lack of domestic knowledge. Moss apparently is prehistoric and one of the first living organisms on Earth. I also think I have an allergy to moss…no wait, that’s mold.

Andrea: Just learned that moss goes back 450 million years. Well, learned something new today. Now, I can go to bed. Also, just learned that moss used to be used for DIAPERS. Crazy. Though fitting since this is a parenting website! Also–quick shot of Dara and I in the audience! Hi guys!


Dara: They’re now showing us how to plant moss. Apparently it grows really slowly (6 months – 1 year). Oooh and after a commercial break we’re going to learn how to grow moss inside the home. Andrea, think your roommate would appreciate it if you started growing moss in a jar?

Andrea: She’d probably appreciate this cake in a jar a lot more, considering it’s, you know, edible. And delicious.

Dara: This is why you’re our social media manager. Brilliant. But actually, we have some amazing desserts in jar recipes if you click on that link during a commercial.

Andrea: Desserts in a jar, people! Okay, we’re back to the moss. Interesting that the mossologist’s fedora matches the moss, no?  Do you think he planned that?

Dara: Absolutely he planned that. Moss grows in all climates apparently. It just takes moisture and patience. Who knew? Now Home Depot is in the house.

Andrea: I have such vivid memories of going to Home Depot with my dad when I was a kid. I would touch everything, much to his dismay. He stopped taking me. ANYWAY, we’re talking about grouting.

Dara: Now they’re talking about what to do if your little one takes a marker to your walls. This is interesting. First step: Put the kid in the corner. Second step: Get some rubbing alcohol and primer and apply it to the stain. Then start scrubbing it with a coarse sponge. Now get out the paint (same color as your walls). This is actually good to know. I’ve done this, no lie. One day as a kid I decided that our basement needed a facelift so I invited all the kids from the neighborhood to come over and do murals with markers and paint. It was beautiful and totally not commissioned. We did that for free. My mom was so overjoyed she put wood paneling over it. Andrea, what is the name of that primer they used? Everyone in the audience is getting one. Apparently it’s pretty special.

Andrea: Zevo Wow? (I’d have to double-check that.) After this show is over, I was thinking about coming over to your apartment and drawing all over your walls. A little test-run to see if this stuff really works. Whaddya think?

Dara: Absolutely! Let’s go get permanent markers in every color after this. Looks like they’re setting up for the last segment. I see pumpkins and gourds.

Andrea: Sad! The show’s almost over. This has been so much fun. (And how cool that we got to live blog the whole thing?) Oh, Martha, if only I could be as crafty as you! Sigh. Okay, going home and planting a moss garden. Dara, have fun?

Dara: The show is over! What? How did that happen? Now Martha is answering audience questions and they’ve lined us bloggers up. Are we gonna meet Martha?!!!

Andrea: We just Martha! Life complete! Bye everyone–we’ll post more photos soon!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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