The Supplies List: Back to School (For You + Them!)

The ultimate back to school supplies list for you and the kids from

If you’re anything like me, it’s been years since you’ve been in school and yet there’s just something about back to school season that begs you to get organized! There’s nothing quite like a desk stacked with unmarred notebooks and a pencil cup loaded with freshly sharpened No. 2s to get me motivated. Just like spring, for me fall is one of those seasons where there’s a perfect excuse to kick the clutter and pick up a few pretty new things to help me stay on track and on time. So with the kids shuttling off to school soon (if not already) let’s chat about back to school supplies, shall we? We’re talking cute little additions for the kids’ back to school arsenal and plenty of pretty things to whip your desk or craft space into tidy, back to school shape. Here are 12 picks that I’m loving at the moment!

  • Apple Core Notebook 1 of 12
    Apple Core Notebook
    I love this cheeky little notebook. The apple core illustration, kraft paper cover and button tie closure make it so cute!
    $20 from Ask Alice.
  • Striped Pencil Case 2 of 12
    Striped Pencil Case
    This colorful and modern pencil case pouch is perfect for traveling (for you) or for the backpack (for them).
    $6 from See Jane Work.
  • Graphic Planner 3 of 12
    Graphic Planner
    This graphic patterned planner is perfect for tracking soccer practices or homework assignments!
    $10 from Poketo.
  • Pewter Stamp Holder 4 of 12
    Pewter Stamp Holder
    In the age of email, I never seem to be able to find stamps when I need them. Behold this adorable desktop stamp holder and your stamp woes are a thing of the past!
    $35 from See Jane Work.
  • Colored Pencils 5 of 12
    Colored Pencils
    I love this colored pencil set! It's perfect for doodling, art class or a little after school entertainment.
    $29 from Brook Farm General Store.
  • Italian Pushpins 6 of 12
    Italian Pushpins
    These rainbow-colored pushpins are perfect for decking out the family bulletin board with art projects, school lunch menus, and A+ term papers!
    $4 from The Curiosity Shoppe.
  • Character Pens 7 of 12
    Character Pens
    These funky character pens are so adorable - I dare you not to smile while using one!
    $6 from Poketo.
  • String + Tie Envelopes 8 of 12
    String + Tie Envelopes
    I love these colorful string and tie envelopes. They're perfect for organizing receipts and stashing permission slips!
    $15.95 from Poppies for Grace.
  • Patterned Binders 9 of 12
    Patterned Binders
    These pretty, patterned binders are modern and fresh. They're perfect for your desk or for geometry class notes!
    $12 from See Jane Work.
  • Brass Scissors 10 of 12
    Brass Scissors
    Gussy up your work space or craft studio with these super pretty brass scissors! I love it when functional is also good to look at it.
    $46.95 from Fishs Eddy.
  • Washi Tape Dispenser 11 of 12
    Washi Tape Dispenser
    Who doesn't love pretty washi tape for crafts or gift wrap? I know I do! These washi tape dispensers keep all of your rolls neat and tidy.
    $12 from Cute Tape.
  • Gold Dipped Mousepad 12 of 12
    Gold Dipped Mousepad
    Gone are the days of boring, utilitarian mousepads. Dress up your desk with this gold-dipped leather mousepad!
    $35 from Freshly Picked.

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