Bedroom Makeovers: 22 DIY Headboards for Mom & Dad

We haven’t updated our bedroom since we were married. More than 15 years ago. I recently mentioned the decor we have to a friend. “That sounds like something I would have picked in college.”

Um, we were in college when we got married. So clearly our bedroom is a little outdated. The girls have outgrown their rooms more than once. We update, we paint, we redecorate. But when it comes to our own bedroom, it’s easy to let it go.

There are just too many other things to spend money on with a growing family. But as we’ve made our marriage a priority, it’s clear we need to take the same care with our space. The problem is figuring out how to completely redecorate an entire room on a meager budget.

We’re starting small. I received a gorgeous bedding set for my birthday last week to jump start the redesign. We’re swapping out all the old decorative prints for black &amp white photos from our travels. And, we’re exchanging our dust collectors for candles.

We’ve never had a headboard before — it’s just a big blank slate behind our king-sized bed. I’d love to do something with it to really finish off the room and tie the new look together. I just have to figure out how to do it on a budget.


  • Here are 22 awesome headboards you can make yourself: 1 of 23
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  • Tufted Headboard 2 of 23
    This gorgeous tufted headboard was created using a pegboard. What a simple way to get this classy look!
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  • Hidden Storage 3 of 23
    I love the added storage space on this headboard, while keeping the look clutter-free.
    Read more at Instructables
  • Rustic Boards 4 of 23
    This rustic look was created with old barn wood. It reminds me of the headboard my father-in-law made with ores for his lake house.
    Read more at Remodelaholic
  • Giant Image 5 of 23
    Okay, so this isn't a bed nor is it a grownup's room, but I can just see a fantastic print behind the bed — plus, it's only $13! (Please, for the sake of your love life, not a picture of the kids, though. I'd choose a wedding picture or something from our travels.
    Read more at Sugar Bee Crafts
  • Map It 6 of 23
    This map DIY is creative and goes great with my idea to weave in travel prints and souvenirs.
    Read more at Remodelista
  • Tiled Headboard 7 of 23
    Create a unique headboard with a pattern of tiles. This uses tin ceiling tiles for a contemporary look.
    Read more at More Design Please
  • Rug on the Wall 8 of 23
    Can you believe this headboard is made from a couple entry rugs? Spray paint and a rubber doormat create this awesome piece.
    Read more at Kara Paslay Designs
  • Tin Wall 9 of 23
    How gorgeous is this room? This headboard was made from corrugated metal from the hardware store. Simple and elegant.
    Read more at Young House Love
  • Squared Up 10 of 23
    Here's another version of a fabric headboard. Each square is padded and covered individually — you could even use a variety of fabric scraps for a more quilted look.
    Read more at All Things Thrifty
  • Faux Canopy 11 of 23
    When I was a little girl, I loved my canopy bed. This grownup version uses curtains to create a similar look.
    Read more at Shelterness
  • Shuttered 12 of 23
    I love the simple style created from something old. Frame out a set of old shutters and top with crown moulding.
    Read more at Girl in Air
  • Wall of Doors 13 of 23
    Here's another upcycled project. Repuposing doors as a headboard is a fabulously inexpensive way to finish a bedroom.
    Read more at Martha Stewart
  • More Storage 14 of 23
    We never quite seem to have enough bookshelves. Here's a DIY that creates more storage and a sleek look above the bed.
    Read more at Fresh Home Ideas
  • Fenced In 15 of 23
    I just love making something beautiful out of something destined for the trash. This headboard was created from old fencing.
    Read more at House Tweaking
  • Comforting 16 of 23
    This headboard features an old comforter over a DIY frame. You could also use fabric remnants to create any look you want.
    Read more at The Harpster Home
  • DIY Headboard 17 of 23
    This one takes a little woodworking skill — but don't let that scare you away! It's a pretty simple piece-together headboard with clear instructions for a budget project.
    Read more at Decor and the Dog
  • Sticker It 18 of 23
    I have a thing for vinyl decals. We have words all over the house plus a couple stick-on chalkboards. I love this map, though, and the possibilities are truly endless!
    Buy It on Amazon for $19.95
  • Former Fireplace 19 of 23
    This old mantel was converted to a headboard with an upholstered board where the fireplace should be.
    Read more at Apartment Therapy
  • Padded Shelf 20 of 23
    If you like the upholstered look, but aren't interested in the work, try this one! Hang a bench cushion from the wall or a shelf for a similar look with a lot less effort.
    Read more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Shower Curtain 21 of 23
    Can you believe this is a shower curtain? It's been mounted onto a DIY wooden frame for a new, shiny headboard.
    Read more at True Blue Me & You
  • Woven Wood 22 of 23
    This one doesn't take a lot of woodworking skill — it's made from simple plywood! Lowe's has easy-to-follow instructions for this budget DIY.
    Read more at Lowe's
  • Quilt Up 23 of 23
    Hang a favorite quilt or fabric piece from a curtain rod behind the bed. It's one of the simplest headboards I've ever seen!
    Read more at Budgetwise Home


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