“Bee” Inspired! — 16 Sweet Honeycomb Ideas!

Trending fast: honeycomb patterns! Even if they just look like hexagons to you, it’s fun to try a geometric pattern different from circles or squares. Take a look at these fun patterns, projects and patterns and get inspired … after the break.

  • Honeycomb Wall Shelves 1 of 16
    Honeycomb Wall Shelves
    Why settle for plain squares when you can go all hexagonal ... and add some organization to your hive?
    Learn more at Design Sponge
  • Beehive Cupcakes & Decor 2 of 16
    Beehive Cupcakes & Decor
    This is a great idea for the honeys in your life. Look at the cute cupcake theme and beehive wall decor.
    Learn more at Sweetopia
  • Beehive Vases 3 of 16
    Beehive Vases
    These aren't DIY, but the colors and beehive patterns add a unique touch to your room's decor.
    Learn more at West Elm
  • Navy Honeycomb Fabric 4 of 16
    Navy Honeycomb Fabric
    Looking for a new pattern, look, and shape into your projects? And of course navy's always a good choice -- check out this navy honeycomb fabric!
    Learn more at Spoonflower
  • Beehive Stamps 5 of 16
    Beehive Stamps
    Try adding the beehive pattern to several projects with these cool beehive stamps - perfect for paper, cloth, and more!
    Learn more at Talk to the Sun on Etsy
  • Beehive Piñata 6 of 16
    Beehive Piñata
    Want to get a buzz going about your party? Don't just wing it: try this sweet beehive piñata.
    Learn more at Country Living
  • Bamboo Honeycomb Fabric 7 of 16
    Bamboo Honeycomb Fabric
    The modern/retro look of this honeycomb fabric would be a great touch as an accent or dominant pattern in a project. and the warm yellow - "bamboo" -- is distinctive as well.
    Learn more at Spoonflower
  • Honeycomb Stencil 8 of 16
    Honeycomb Stencil
    Need a creative wall pattern, or nice accent? try this honeycomb stencil -- and check out the nice, warm color palette as well!
    Learn more at Design Sponge
  • Honeycomb Ring 9 of 16
    Honeycomb Ring
    Here's a nice accent for any outfit -- and a nice touch for spring and summer. Who wouldn't love this oversized honeycomb ring/
    Learn more at MinusOne on Etsy
  • Honeycomb Wire Shelves Display Unit 10 of 16
    Honeycomb Wire Shelves Display Unit
    This display unit idea is a fun look; materials easily found from your local home improvement store. It's simple and elegant -- yet rustic.
    Learn more at Flamingo Toes
  • Honeycomb Clock 11 of 16
    Honeycomb Clock
    I love the bold and clean lines of this bright clock -- think how this sparse approach might influence your projects!
    Learn more at
  • Honeycomb Light Shade 12 of 16
    Honeycomb Light Shade
    I love not only the honeycomb pattern but the color combination used on this distinctive light shade! Imagine building a room's colors around this palette.
    Learn more at Shades of Light
  • Honeycomb Cupcakes 13 of 16
    Honeycomb Cupcakes
    Well, as you probably already know, I'm a big fan of cupcakes ... and these adorable honeycomb cupcakes are the bee's knees. Get inspired for your own treats.
    Learn more at Instructables
  • Honeycomb Rugs 14 of 16
    Honeycomb Rugs
    These honeycomb rugs make a great accent to echo your honeycomb patterns throughout the room, or act as a focal point to bring the room's colors together.
    Learn more at Overstock
  • Honeycomb Cake Pan 15 of 16
    Honeycomb Cake Pan
    This honeycomb cake pan gives you a fun geometric look to your baking projects.
    Learn more at William Sonoma
  • Honeycomb Hurricane Lamp 16 of 16
    Honeycomb Hurricane Lamp
    The monochrome, muted colors in this hurricane lamp come to life when lit -- and show off the cute honeycomb pattern.
    Learn more at Ankasa



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