Best Of Etsy: 25 Amazing Benches!

This weekend we finally moved in! Yippee!

As soon as the last box was unpacked, my frenzied mind went straight to entryway benches. My kingdom for a good entryway bench! We have a long entry wall just begging for a nice bench you can sit at to pull your boots off. I haven’t decided yet whether I want it upholstered or bare, so the first thing I did was check Etsy.

Did you know you can find some pretty amazing handmade furniture on Etsy? As well as some pretty fantastic antiques? It’s true!

After the jump, it’s a collection of the best benches of Etsy, according to moi. This is pretty exciting stuff you know!

  • Railroad Tie Bench 1 of 25
    Railroad Tie Bench
    What, this old thing? Oh, it's just an old railroad tie, that's all. $650.00
    By Etsy Sellerarhogsett
  • Repurposed Antique Bench 2 of 25
    Repurposed Antique Bench
    What once was lost as a Jenny Lind bed now is found as a really rad, spindly bench. But could I spray paint it yellow? $450.00
    By Etsy Seller SHADESOFGRAY
  • Industrial Tandem Shell Bench 3 of 25
    Industrial Tandem Shell Bench
    Something tells me I'd never be happy with any other bench now that I've seen this guy. Amazing. $275.00
    By Etsy Seller backgarage
  • Cherry Shaker Style Bench 4 of 25
    Cherry Shaker Style Bench
    Now that is one sexy bench. $700.00
    By Etsy Seller mcmetzger
  • Zen Bench 5 of 25
    Zen Bench
    Does this look relaxing to you too? I love the scale of this piece. And not a bad price, either! $195.00
    By Etsy Seller PickYourSeat
  • Live Edge Black Walnut Bench 6 of 25
    Live Edge Black Walnut Bench
    Live edge, sounds exciting! (This is really pretty) $900.00
    By Etsy Seller Kevin11215
  • Teak Slat Bench 7 of 25
    Teak Slat Bench
    Refurbished and treated with teak oil and ready for you to love it forever. $250.00
    By Etsy Seller killerjunkstudios
  • Recycled Cedar Bench 8 of 25
    Recycled Cedar Bench
    Not only do I love the smell of cedar, but I love LOVE the distressed patina of this guy. $280.00
  • Natural Edge Slab Bench 9 of 25
    Natural Edge Slab Bench
    Made from an oak tree in Brooklyn, now THAT's romantic. $350.00
    By Etsy Seller greeshulik
  • Danish Coffee Table Bench 10 of 25
    Danish Coffee Table Bench
    That is one beautiful slab of Norwegian teak! $895.00
    By Etsy Seller CIRCA60
  • Osage Orange and Walnut Bench 11 of 25
    Osage Orange and Walnut Bench
    This one has some lovely curves. $480.00
    By Etsy Seller tenebras
  • Red Wood Bench 12 of 25
    Red Wood Bench
    Made with recycled cedar. Those are some good-looking legs! $350.00
  • Cypress Bench 13 of 25
    Cypress Bench
    By Etsy Seller CajunCreation
  • Vintage Mid Century Sofa Bench 14 of 25
    Vintage Mid Century Sofa Bench
    SO MUCH YES! $1,200.00
    By Etsy Seller Hindsvik
  • Shabby Aqua and Red Bench 15 of 25
    Shabby Aqua and Red Bench
    Powder blue. Check. $95.00
    By Etsy Seller CharlisCharms
  • Farm Style Bench 16 of 25
    Farm Style Bench
    Ooh, I like! $150.00
    By Etsy Seller Rebarn
  • Shipwreck Wood Slab Table 17 of 25
    Shipwreck Wood Slab Table
    Vintage. $1,795. And that's the sale price.
    By Etsy Seller groovygirl60
  • Shabby Chic Rose Bench 18 of 25
    Shabby Chic Rose Bench
    All I'd need for this sucker is an amazing upright piano, painted pink please. $85.00
    By Etsy Seller EmphasizeDecor
  • Holly Bench 19 of 25
    Holly Bench
    Just the right mixture of sweet and rough. $600.00
    By Etsy Seller Recovered
  • Antique Dresser Blue Bench 20 of 25
    Antique Dresser Blue Bench
    Clever! $135.00
    By Etsy Seller tigerlilysn
  • Vintage Painted Cottage Bench 21 of 25
    Vintage Painted Cottage Bench
    A little too much for what I'm going for, but in a little girl's bedroom? Divine! $325.00
    By Etsy Seller PaintedCottages
  • Industrial Bench 22 of 25
    Industrial Bench
    What makes this bench so cool is the recycled Eames hairpin legs. Pretty slick! $245.00
    By Etsy Seller UrbanWoodGoods
  • Ellison Bench 23 of 25
    Ellison Bench
    So, so gorgeous, those legs are. $350.00
    By Etsy Seller SAWfurniture
  • Rustic Sittin’ Bench 24 of 25
    Rustic Sittin' Bench
    You read that right, there's no 'g' in "Sittin.'" For that alone, am I right? $17.95 (As in under $20!)
  • Primitive Wooden Bench 25 of 25
    Primitive Wooden Bench
    Not as wide as I'd like (not even 30 inches!) but wins awesome points for that high, high back! $90.00
    By Etsy Seller grungyoldecrow

What is your favorite thing to buy on Etsy?

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