Beyond the Russian Doll: 13 Home Goods That Nest!

Everyone’s always so enamored by those Russian Matryoshka dolls, which fit one inside the other inside the other … until you’ve got a cute little set, from big to little. Other than being a genius concept, items that nest are also mega space-savers, which comes in especially handy for those who live in cramped quarters.

You’d be surprised at how many nesting thing-a-majigs are out there, so we went beyond the Matryoshka to find the coolest of the cool. Check them out after the jump! — Andrea Roxas

  • Deglon Meeting Knife Set 1 of 14
    Deglon Meeting Knife Set
    Durable and elegant, these four knives fit snugly into one another, providing a chic, space-saving alternative to those chunky knife blocks.
    Get it from Fante's, $950
  • Nesting Swan Trio 2 of 14
    Nesting Swan Trio
    These gorgeous amber swans are made of handblown glass and are perfect for holding little trinkets or tea lights. Or don't fill them with anything, and they'll just sit pretty on your coffee table …
    Get it from Etsy, $14
  • Tunnel Nesting Toy 3 of 14
    Tunnel Nesting Toy
    Handmade in Germany, this sturdy toy will keep your little one entertained for hours as he stacks, nests, or builds tunnels and caves with the six pieces included. (Plus, it's on sale for half off!)
    Get it from Land of Nod, $24.95
  • Nesting Leaves Serving Trays 4 of 14
    Nesting Leaves Serving Trays
    Food never looked so good when presented on top of these gold clay leaves.
    Get it from Etsy, $75
  • Josef Alber Nesting Tables 5 of 14
    Josef Alber Nesting Tables
    We love the retro colors in these Bauhaus-style oak and glass tables, which were originally designed in the 1920s for a private family's home. Now you can snag a set for yourself — that is, if the price tag doesn't scare you off.
    Get it from Horne, $1,950
  • Nesting Stacking Heart Puzzle 6 of 14
    Nesting Stacking Heart Puzzle
    Aww. Three hearts surround a solid heart in this handmade wooden puzzle, which will help kids develop their fine-motor and problem-solving skills while they play.
    Get it from Etsy, $35
  • Nesting Lotus Bowls 7 of 14
    Nesting Lotus Bowls
    You may have seen nested bowls before, but have you ever seen bowls that nest and create a blossoming lotus in the process?
    Get them from Uncommon Goods, $325
  • Measuring Cup Matryoshkas 8 of 14
    Measuring Cup Matryoshkas
    If you think this is just your average set of Russian dolls, think again — and start baking!
    Get them from Amazon, $9.29
  • Sutoa Drawers 9 of 14
    Sutoa Drawers
    This stunning pyramid of drawers collapses quite nicely when not in use, don't you think?
    Learn more about these drawers at DesignBoom
  • Nested Bunk Beds 10 of 14
    Nested Bunk Beds
    Five beds for the space of one?! This genius idea was originally developed for a design competition in South Africa, where overcrowding is a common problem. Several sets were eventually installed in South African AIDS orphanages.
    Learn more about these bunk beds at Dezeen
  • Building, Stacking, Sorting, and Nesting Toy 11 of 14
    Building, Stacking, Sorting, and Nesting Toy
    Kids can get as creative as they want when playing with these colorful nesting stacking pots. Bonus: In the process, they'll be practicing color recognition, sorting, and more.
    Get them from Etsy, $42
  • Matryoshkarim Nesting Furniture 12 of 14
    Matryoshkarim Nesting Furniture
    Designer Karim Rashid's cleverly named Matryoshkarim collection is a dream for small spaces. The lounge chair, ottoman, and side table look just as chic together as they do apart!
    Learn more about this collection at Interiorholic
  • Babushkups Nesting Glasses 13 of 14
    Babushkups Nesting Glasses
    Another modern play on Matryoshkas, this trio of cups is sized just right for a papa bear, a mama bear, and a baby bear.
    Get it from Fred Flare, $14.99
  • BONUS: Nesting … Hands? 14 of 14
    BONUS: Nesting … Hands?
    The family whose hands nest together, stays together, right?
    Photo credit: Flickr user Jorge Rimblas


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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