Bless This Mess: Bloggers’ Homes on Christmas Morning!

After weeks of preparing the house for guests, listening strictly to holiday radio, last-minute shopping, and making sure your Naughty and Nice lists were checked off, Christmas came — and quickly went. The stockings and presents previously arranged with care were mussed up, ripped open, and met with shouts of joy (a fairy princess outfit!) or groans (socks?! again?).

Out of the whole year, the holiday season might be the best spot on the calendar  to let loose and enjoy the chaos. Nothing feels quite as joyful as ripping back wrapping paper and praying that gift at the top of your list is there. Our Home Ec bloggers were on hand with cameras to snap their crazy — and crazy-happy — Christmas morning moments to share with you.

Check them out after the jump! — Jillian Capewell

  • Jacinda of Prudent Baby 1 of 6
    Jacinda of Prudent Baby
    "I think I see a kid. Let's not throw her out with the paper."
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  • Jacinda of Prudent Baby 2 of 6
    Jacinda of Prudent Baby
    "Next year they might just get cardboard boxes of wrapping paper. It was the most fun all day!"
  • Heather of Just Heather 3 of 6
    Heather of Just Heather
    "I didn't remember to get a good 'after' pic. This is the best I've got from Christmas morning!"
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  • Ashley of Lil Blue Boo 4 of 6
    Ashley of Lil Blue Boo
    "My daughter must have inherited my OCD because she insisted on unwrapping each gift slowly, then discarding of the paper and stacking each present into a large geometric square tower. I prayed for chaos ... but it didn't happen. Each photo has ONE present being opened and virtually no paper around. Here's the Barbie Dream House aftermath for my hubby, though ... poor guy."
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  • Susan of Freshly Picked 5 of 6
    Susan of Freshly Picked
    "I'm usually a very neat person, but on Christmas morning I just welcome the mess and let my little ones play all day."
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  • Jenny of Little Green Notebook 6 of 6
    Jenny of Little Green Notebook
    "Since we were traveling for Christmas this year, we didn't have much in the way of presents (just lots of beach/hula dancing/jungle hiking photos — an okay trade, I think!), but last year we stayed in New York for Christmas day. New York City is such a magical time around the holidays! That year was so special for us. I can't believe how much Evie has grown up since then! Also I can't believe how much my apartment's decor has changed!"
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