40 Inspirational Ideas for Boys Rooms

It’s a good thing my girls are so sweet and cute – I always imagined myself as a mother to lots of little boys. 🙂 But here I am with three girls, and lots and LOTS of inspiration images for boys rooms!

Maybe someday I’ll have some personal application for these, but in the meantime, I hope you can use them:

  • Wide Horizontal Stripes 1 of 40
    Wide Horizontal Stripes
    I love the striped paint treatment in the lighter colors. Such a great kids room look.
  • Collected 2 of 40
    This is SUCH a cool kids room. Liveable, but nice to look at. Love the art, the rug and the wishbone chair.
  • Grasscloth 3 of 40
    The papered walls look so fresh in this little boys room! I'm digging the chambray bedding!
  • Another shot from the same room 4 of 40
    Another shot from the same room
    Love the Quadrille patterned chair!
  • Dots!! 5 of 40
    This would be an easy DIY with round stickers or a set of stencil brushes in different sizes or potato stamps.
  • Swicheroo with Stripes 6 of 40
    Swicheroo with Stripes
    First the cool black walls and then the crazy awesome stripe situation on the headboard. Love this room.
  • More stripes 7 of 40
    More stripes
    Love the barrel chair and that is a truly awesome crib!
  • Simple colors 8 of 40
    Simple colors
    There's not a lot of pattern in this boys room, but all the great design elements stand out because of it. The valences, the great dresser, the detailed daybed...
  • WOW with the bunk bed! 9 of 40
    WOW with the bunk bed!
    Also, really loving that hand-painted feel to the detail on the closet doors. So cool!
  • Vintage airplane prints 10 of 40
    Vintage airplane prints
    These prints were cut out from an old book. Such a graphic look and perfect for a little boy's room!
  • Moulding and doors! 11 of 40
    Moulding and doors!
    Holy moly. Look at that door with the circles and the hi gloss black. Also, love the blue moulding with the gray walls. Great idea for a boys room.
  • Forward facing bookshelves 12 of 40
    Forward facing bookshelves
    Art and function in one! Love the stripes on the ceiling too.
  • So classic 13 of 40
    So classic
    Can't go wrong with a classic black and white scheme!!
  • Worldy 14 of 40
    What little adventurer doesn't love maps! Anything that is educational, beautiful and fun for the kids is a major winner in my book!
  • My favorite light 15 of 40
    My favorite light
    Check out that amazing train table. Almost as cool as the chandelier (available at DWR for about $500)
  • Jenny Lind strikes again! 16 of 40
    Jenny Lind strikes again!
    I loved spool beds - especially in pairs. The banners are super cool too.
  • Simple and achievable. 17 of 40
    Simple and achievable.
    No custom work needed here. Just a Walmart mod-line crib, some Dwell Studio bedding, etsy art and my make shades out of mini-blinds tutorial.
  • More advanced. 18 of 40
    More advanced.
    This room would require more time and money, but I love that preppy/WASPy look. So Kate Spade.
  • Campaign chest 19 of 40
    Campaign chest
    I LOOOOOVE the blue color of that campaign chest. Everything about this room is perfect to me. Such a great room!
  • Sooooothing 20 of 40
    Who would have thought that a busy wallpaper pattern could be so soothing? Love the oval crib too
  • Art 21 of 40
    You are my Sunshine by Castle Designs. Such a pretty piece!
  • Epic black nursery 22 of 40
    Epic black nursery
    Jenna Lyons can do no wrong in any blogger's eyes. Her son's nursery is one of her biggest wins of all. A seriously amazing design, worth looking at again and again.
  • And more stripes! 23 of 40
    And more stripes!
    I love the different types of stripes painted on this wall! What about that chandelier though... hmmm
  • I spy Josef Frank! 24 of 40
    I spy Josef Frank!
    Another great daybed and some iconic Swedish-designed fabric!!
  • Bunting! 25 of 40
    These bunting flags are perfect for a modern nursery. Colorful and graphic. The rest of the room can be a more streamlined.
  • KWID strikes again 26 of 40
    KWID strikes again
    Not every kid is lucky enough to have a Hermes blanket, unless of course their mother is Kelly Wearstler. I wonder what the inside of those closets look like...
  • Gallery wall 27 of 40
    Gallery wall
    If you have a lot of wall space in your nursery, why not try a gallery wall. Give your little guy a lot to look at. Instill a love of art!
  • Flags 28 of 40
    I love the use of the Union Jack in this boys room. Pretty much everything else is spot-on for me too though!
  • PLAID!! 29 of 40
    I seriously would probably do something in major plaid if I had a little boy. It's such a cool look. And can you even handle how great the orange looks with the blue/green plaid?? Love.
  • Shades 30 of 40
    Roman shades are such a great alternative to draperies for a little boys room. It's a much more masculine feel.
  • Blue and orange 31 of 40
    Blue and orange
    I like the dovey gray blue, orange and brown in this little guy's room. Great color story here.
  • Tented ceiling! 32 of 40
    Tented ceiling!
    It's like living in the circus! Maybe try yellow and white so it's a little less crazy?
  • Another blue and orange room 33 of 40
    Another blue and orange room
    This room belongs to a girl, but the colors are also great for a boy's room. That dresser is AMAZING. And I love the seagrass flooring. So durable.
  • GREEN!! 34 of 40
    Check out that awesome night stand! Love the green color with the white knobs. I'm usually not a huge fan of chocolate brown, but this is a great color combo here!
  • More Quadrille! 35 of 40
    More Quadrille!
    The red, white and blue scheme is a great choice for a boy's room.
  • Green and yellow 36 of 40
    Green and yellow
    I like that this room is so pulled together. It would be a perfect guest room if you had grandsons. Those headboards!!
  • I heart this bedding 37 of 40
    I heart this bedding
    Note to self - get the embroidered duvets AND sheets! What a great combo!
  • Baby blue 38 of 40
    Baby blue
    That little punch of red and then the deeper blue on the chair help keep this room from being over-the-top baby room. Find balance in your colors and tones!
  • Red doors 39 of 40
    Red doors
    Painting your child's doors (even their closet doors) an accent color is such a fun idea, especially if the doors feel in the way or front and center. Make them a design element.
  • More shades and a daybed 40 of 40
    More shades and a daybed
    Of note: Stripey rug and wallpapered ceiling!!

For more decorating ideas, check out these stylish prints for kids’ rooms!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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