Travel Inspired Decor: 12 Ways to Bring Vacation Home

It’s only been a few days, but I am already missing New England. Our trip to Cape Ann was just amazing — fun, relaxing, and absolutely beautiful.

It only took a day for the rest of the family to ask why don’t live there. We all wanted to bring a little Gloucester back home with us.

But, I’m not really one for souvenirs. We did pick up a few inexpensive mementos, but I wish we could have packed up the coast and brought it to the Midwest.

That’s why I’m on the hunt for ways to include a few vacation memories in our everyday decor. We’re working on redecorating the bedroom in a travel theme.

We’ve started with a few black & white photos of landmarks from our travels. I’m adding a few snapshots of the hubby and I on vacations, and I’m hoping to find a map bedding set to really cap it off. In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for fun ways to bring vacation home with us.

Here are a few of my favorite travel inspired home decorating ideas:

  • Canvas Prints 1 of 12
    Canvas Prints
    Our half bath is decorated in lighthouses. The next purchase will be a blue canary nightlight for a more geeky look. After our New England vacation, I'll be replacing the generic lighthouse prints with a few of my own. This one of Ten Pound Island Lighthouse as a canvas print will make the decor much more personal and allow us to relive the trip every day!
  • Word Art 2 of 12
    Word Art
    "The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears or the sea." I've discovered this month how true that phrase is. Bring your own travel phrases into your everyday decor with word art, signs, and prints.
    Photo and tutorial via Lake Girl Paints
  • Luggage Decor 3 of 12
    Luggage Decor
    I am loving the vintage luggage tables, chairs, and nightstands I've seen all over Pinterest. It's a great way to think fondly on your last trip and look forward to the next — no matter what your destination.
    Photo and more decoratin tips on Country Living
  • Sand Candles 4 of 12
    Sand Candles
    A simple sand candle would fit nicely in any room and makes a fun reminder of your last beach vacation. I'm going to make a few with the kids from some past vacations.
    Photo and tutorial via Michael's
  • Souvenir Shadowboxes 5 of 12
    Souvenir Shadowboxes
    This shadow box is like a vacation scrapbook in one gorgeous display. Photos, tickets, mementos — frame your memories and showcase it for all to see.
    Photo and tutorial via Design Aglow
  • Vacation Inspired Decor 6 of 12
    Vacation Inspired Decor
    Bring your favorite destination right into your home with an inspired design theme. It can be as bold as a southwestern theme or as simple as a beachy color scheme.
    Photo and more coastal designs at Coastal Living
  • Family Portraits 7 of 12
    Family Portraits
    It's been 4 years since we've had portraits taken of all 3 girls together. I'm no professional, but I love this picture of our girls on Gloucester Beach at sunset. It is definitely going up on the wall! Displaying family pictures in vacation settings is a beautiful keepsake.
  • Road Trip Maps 8 of 12
    Road Trip Maps
    Road trips are the preferred method of vacation transportation around here, since it's a more budget friendly way to travel. I love the idea of framing our mapped route!
    Photo and tutorial via Martha Stewart
  • Sand Art 9 of 12
    Sand Art
    Now, I'm really kicking myself for forgetting a bag of sand from Cape Ann. This sand art was created with layers of sand from different beaches. From the front, it just looks like an artistic display. On the back, it can be labeled with the location and dates of your beach trip.
    Photo and tutorial via House of Wentworth
  • Single Accent 10 of 12
    Single Accent
    You don't have to redecorate an entire room to add a little vacation fun. Include a single accent that matches the existing decor.
    Photo via Brabourne Farm
  • Stepping Stones 11 of 12
    Stepping Stones
    Garden stones are a fun way to bring vacation home with you. Create a related scene or include beach glass, seashells or rocks from your latest trip. It's a simple, fun way to revisit vacation every day.
    Photo and tutorial via Completely Coastal
  • Travel Maps 12 of 12
    Travel Maps
    Keep track of your travels with this awesome DIY bulletin board map. You can pin destinations, notes, and memorabilia.
    Photo and tutorial via Creating Really Awesome Free Things

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