15 Christmas Crafts for Kids!!


My kids are out from school for two weeks and I am so excited to make some Christmas crafts with them! Here are 15 fun ideas that I found that would be fun ideas to do with your kids as we all get ready for the Holidays! Check them out after the jump.

  • Holiday Finger Puppets 1 of 15
    Kids of all ages will love these finger puppets. You'll need some felt, wood, supplies and perseverance, but they're oh-so-cute.
    Learn how at Urban Comfort
  • Button Wreath Ornament 2 of 15
    Here's a great project that's suitable for just about any age ... as long as they don't put the buttons in their mouths! You can choose complementary colors, or even let them choose their own for their own ornaments!
    Learn how at Martha Stewart
  • Holiday Tree Cones 3 of 15
    Use up that old scrapbook paper and give the kids a great wintertime project -- even after the holidays -- with these tree cones. They're even good to make forests for small toys.
    Learn how at Kind Over Matter
  • Pom Pom Snowman 4 of 15
    This is a classic craft that takes just a few inexpensive, basic supplies. My husband even remembers making these as a boy! Endless variations and endless fun.
    Learn how at Carolyn's Homework
  • Santa & Snowmen Bars 5 of 15
    Dress up neighbor and teacher gifts with this kid-friendly approach. Just add paper and a few basic supplies!
    Learn how at Martha Stewart
  • Toilet Paper Tube Choir 6 of 15
    This super-cute craft takes things you already have around the house to make. Just grab some paint, TP tubes, and a few other items.
    Learn how at Family Fun
  • Candy Cane Reindeer 7 of 15
    If you can keep your kids from eating the art supplies, these candy cane reindeer are great gifts to give their friends, teachers, or even each other!
    Learn how at Scrapbooks Etc.
  • Pom Pom Pine Cone Trees 8 of 15
    Dress up pine cones with colored pom poms -- a craft all ages can enjoy.
    Learn how at The Giver's Log
  • Puzzle Piece Tree Ornament 9 of 15
    What to do with those puzzles missing a piece or two? Make these cute tree ornaments!
    Learn how at Lisa's Craft Blog
  • Thumbprint Reindeer 10 of 15
    Make greeting cards, holiday art, or just keep the kids entertained for a while creating families, herds and multitudes of reindeer.
    Learn how at Meet the Dubiens
  • Scrap Fabric Trees 11 of 15
    Use up that scrap fabric and show the kids how to make this awesome holiday art.
    Learn how at flickr: Providence Handmade
  • Clementine Snowman 12 of 15
    Here's a kitchen project using stuff you've probably already got handy -- and the kids won't mind eating a few of the clementines while they're working!
    Learn how at Real Simple
  • Twiggy Christmas Tree 13 of 15
    You'll probably have to help with cutting and drilling the branches (twigs) -- or draft the teenagers -- but these twiggy trees are fun and distinctive.
    Learn how at Michele Made Me
  • Felt Lollipops 14 of 15
    These felt lollypops take only basic skills but are bold and bright.
    Learn how at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Reindeer Pancakes 15 of 15
    What kid wouldn't love reindeer pancakes? Learn how to make these incredibly cute pancakes.
    Learn how at Jenni Price Illustration

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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