Clean Our Home One Closet at a Time: The Pantry Closet

Closet Cleaning

I would like to see you try to cram another box of cereal into this closet. I’m sure it would fall right back out and hit you on the head, saying “Hello, I know you can see I won’t fit!”. Yes, time for a good cleaning.

To go along with my series on cleaning our home one closet at a time, I’m starting with my pantry. It seems to be the closet I use the most, and stuff gets crammed in. Our whole family uses this closet; it’s opened up more times than I can count. So here’s how I made it clutter-free!

Make the jump to see the final photo 🙂

First, I pulled everything out. But as I did, I put everything on my table into little groups (you can’t tell from the photo below that they are grouped, but they are!)

  • canned goods
  • cereals
  • kid food
  • oils and vinegars
  • soups
  • pasta boxes
  • unopened condiments
  • paper goods, etc.

Yay, I could see what I actually had in there and I organized it as I went.

Clean Closet

Next, now that it’s in piles, look at EVERY label and expiration date. There were more expired items than I realized, yikes! And I hate to admit it, a couple of boxes were empty. I know, this closet was way past due!

Now for the best part, the final photo …

It might not look any different to you, but it looks much better to me!

Clean Closet

There’s still a lot in there, but in nice rows and labels facing out! I’m hoping to keep it this way for a while, but will try not to let it get as bad as it was!

How’s your pantry closet looking? Time for a cleaning? Do it!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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