How To Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

I have been a flurry of home organization lately. I’m not sure what bug it is that has bitten me, but I’ve been sorting, tossing, and donating like a champ over the last few weeks. This week’s project was my step-in closet! (Because while generously sized for a home built in 1925, you’re really not going to be doing any walking in there.) The result is the prettiest, most organized closet I’ve ever had in my life, kind of like something you’d see on one of those home organization shows, but without the cost of hiring a professional. And who doesn’t love that? Ready to get going? Here are my tips for how to organize your closet like a pro!

First up, go through everything in your closet. And I mean everything. This includes clothes, shoes, scarves and accessories. Sort everything into three piles – to keep, to donate and to toss. Anything that is stained, ripped, or excessively worn should be tossed. Anything that you no longer love, anything with tags that you bought just because it was on clearance but has never been worn, and anything that no longer fits should be donated. Be ruthless! A key step to organizing is ditching excess things you don’t need, making everything you have and love that much easier to find and enjoy. Everything that stays should be arranged with like items as it goes back in the closet. I organized my rather large dress collection by length and color and put all the semi-formal and formal dresses together at the end of the rack. Shirts were organized by season and sleeve length. Most pants and jeans went into drawers, but I kept my most commonly worn items in the closet to make them easy to grab.

Next up, I went to The Home Depot where I picked up this stackable 6 cube organizer and coordinating fabric drawers from Martha Stewart Living. After assembling it, I tucked it on the floor of my closet and stashed all kinds of pretty things inside. Scarves are split up into two drawers by season. (Colorful, summery scarves in one and heavier, winter scarves in another.) One drawer holds just flip flops, another has belts, another has slippers because I’m a bit of slipper junkie during the winter months. You could use them for just about anything – I think they’d be great for organizing shoes by type or storing lingerie and socks if you’re short on dresser space.

Also from The Home Depot, I used these flat storage bins from Sterilite to hold out of season clothes like sweaters. In another I placed all of my running clothes for cooler months that I rarely use during the spring or summer. They fit perfectly on the shelves above all of my hanging clothes, but they’d also work great under a bed because they’re so low profile. I also have a whole stash of paint-stained clothes I wear when crafting or working on other messy projects, so they got their own storage bin, too.

The overall principle that you should keep in mind when organizing your closet is to get rid of what you don’t need or love and then sort everything else by style, color and season. If you have a lot of business clothes for work, dedicate one area just to those and then further organize that space into clothing type such as dress pants, skirts and formal shirts. Casual clothes go in another spot, dresses in another and out of season clothing gets tucked up and out of the way. I also ditched all of my old mismatched hangers in exchange for ones that matched because it made the closet look even neater and prettier, but that’s definitely not necessary for getting yourself organized.

While this took a few hours of first making a big mess in order to put it all back together looking neat and tidy, it was definitely well worth the effort. I keep finding myself staring at my closet and loving how it looks. In fact, it’s inspired even more home organization projects I can’t wait to tackle! And trust me, it’s easier than you think so don’t get overwhelmed. Just dig in and have fun!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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