Confessions of a Cable-Free TV Addict

I have been counting down to this day for months! I’ve been sitting here for hours, watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony. For the next 16 days, I will eat, sleep, and breathe Olympic coverage.

Without cable.

Since the best of the Olympics is on network television, it’s especially easy to watch without paying for cable. But, I have to admit to being completely addicted to a lot of cable shows, too. I watch sports, dramas, comedies, DIY shows — Hi, my name is Heather, and I’m addicted to television.

Yet, I don’t at all regret not having cable — especially the monthly bill! I just don’t miss it. (Well, except during the NBA playoffs, which were moved to cable television a couple years ago! Not cool, NBA. Not cool.)

Here are 7 simple (and mostly free!) ways to watch TV without cable:

  • Viewing Parties 1 of 7
    Viewing Parties
    Tonight would have been the perfect opportunity for a viewing party! If there's a show, event or game that's a serious big deal, someone is bound to be hosting a party. I'll bring the food; you pay the cable bill! You can also catch a lot at of major events and games at bars or restaurants.
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  • Web Streaming 2 of 7
    Web Streaming
    Most of my favorite shows are posted on the station's own website by the very next day. We have an HDMI cable connecting a computer to our television so I can even watch them on the big screen.
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  • Hulu 3 of 7
    You'll find clips, full episodes, and exclusive content on Hulu. While they do have premium content, there are plenty of classics and popular shows available for free.
  • Netflix 4 of 7
    Get your favorite shows delivered right to your mailbox — Netflix has full seasons available for DVD delivery, plus you can stream episodes through your PS3, Wii, Xbox, PC, Mac, iPad or Apple TV.
  • TV Antenna 5 of 7
    TV Antenna
    A good, quality digital antenna, at around $30, is not your momma's rabbit ears! Ours sits flat behind the TV (but can also be hung on a wall), pulling a quality HD picture from network stations.
    Buy one on Best Buy
  • Library 6 of 7
    Our library has a decent sized DVD room. There are movies galore, but they also carry several premium television series that can't be streamed for free. That's how I've caught up on True Blood — I just have to wait a little longer than my HBO-paying friends.
  • Redbox 7 of 7
    Okay, so it's only free once per month when they text me my one-day code, but even at $1, it's a great way to snag kids' shows that they miss by not having cable. The Disney originals usually arrive quickly, and my girls can get caught up easily!

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