8 Costco Must Buys for On-the-Go Moms

Costco Must Buys for Busy Moms
I was near Costco last week with a few minutes to spare, so I made a quick trip in for the essentials. Yes, I can do that. I’ve gotten it down to a science, with a list of must-haves for each warehouse trip.

Most of my purchases revolve around the girls — easy breakfast options, simple things to pack for lunch, and quick snacks to grab when we’re on the go. Which is kind of a lot. Between after-school clubs, Girl Scouts, and sports, one of our kids has something going on nearly every evening.

Being prepared with healthy, grab-and-go snacks is an absolute must. Costco offers great prices on so many of our favorites. But, even more importantly, the warehouse packages allows me to stock up for weeks with one quick purchase.

Here are my must-have deals for busy moms:


  • Peanut Butter, $7.99 1 of 8
    If you're anything like me, peanut butter is a staple. Sandwiches, waffles, crackers — it goes on everything from breakfast to lunch to after-school snacks. The 2 giant jars are a great deal for this much used item.
  • Trail Mix, $11.99 2 of 8
    Trail mix is fantastic to have for quick snacks or to toss in last minute lunchbox. The trick to making it last, I've found, is bagging individual portions as soon as we get home. I get about 22 snack-sized baggies out of one warehouse bag.
  • GoGo Squeez, $6.99 3 of 8
    It never hurts to have quick, easy fruit options stocked up. GoGo Squeez is a family favorite — how can you beat on-the-go applesauce? Especially at such a great price on a 16-pack.
  • Raisins, $8.99 4 of 8
    Dried fruit is another favorite around here, and Costco has tons of options. Our girls love raisins, and I love the warehouse price. Two giant pouches of raisins are less than $10.
  • V8 Juice, $15.99 5 of 8
    This is one I only buy when it's on sale (yes, a sale at Costco!) so it's usually around $12 for a 24-pack of V8 Fusion. Each can of juice includes 2 full servings of fruit and vegetable. When we're in grab-and-go mode, it's a great way to be sure my girls are getting all the nutrition they need.
  • Chips & Crackers, $3.79 and up 6 of 8
    You'll find a few aisles full of a variety of chips and crackers. I go with the $3.79 bag of tortilla chips and a $6.99 box of our favorite gluten free crackers.
  • Popcorn, $10.99 7 of 8
    My girls love microwave popcorn — they pop a bag nearly every day after school. And, at less than $.30 each, you won't hear me complain!
  • Granola Bars, $13.99 8 of 8
    We keep a drawer full of granola bars for emergency breakfast, quick snacks, and lunchboxes. Even after sales and coupons, Costco's regular price beats my local grocery store.

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