Crafting with Martha and Amy – Glittered Skeleton Parts

I’m pleased to be returning for a second installment of Crafting with Martha and Amy – the series in which I craft along with Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts for an entire year. It’s one project a week, and I’m still in Halloween mode so I chose glittered skeleton parts. This project was definitely a learning experience for me; for someone who isn’t “good” with glitter. You see, when I craft, I’m messy. I also changed the project around a bit from when I started. I do think that the end result turned out great, and I think Martha would be proud. To see the original inspiration and learn more about my process, continue through the jump!

glittered skelton parts

This is what I saw in the book that intrigued me. I really loved the specimen jar, the various colors of glitter and the skellie parts. My idea was to recreate it, but I didn’t have the green glitter or the skeleton parts. After a trip to Michaels, I was able to procure some smaller skeleton parts (heads and hands) in addition to a cool candle holder. It wasn’t a specimen jar, but I thought it might make a cool display.

The glittering was messy, but that’s more my problem than anything – as I said, I’m a messy crafter! The only thing I wasn’t happy with was my choice of lavender and dark purple glitter. Um, not a good color combination. I was trying to imitate Martha’s shades of green, so thinking back, I should have gone with either the green or even blue (that would have been interesting!). All in all, I’m happy with my project, and I like the mini bones. Take a peek at the slide show below for my complete tutorial and a detail shot of my finished glittered skeleton parts.

  • Gather the Skellie Supplies 1 of 13
    Gather the Skellie Supplies
    I used supplies (including bags of skeleton parts) purchased from Michaels. I also used Mod Podge, not shown.
  • Sizing Up the Stand 2 of 13
    Sizing Up the Stand
    I always like to figure out my project beforehand. Okay, not always. But in this case I "practiced" first to see what my final might look like.
  • Mod Podge the Parts 3 of 13
    Mod Podge the Parts
    Mod Podge adheres glitter very nicely to items. Knowing this, I coated my skellie parts with Mod Podge.
  • Sprinkle the Glitter 4 of 13
    Sprinkle the Glitter
    If Martha uses a spoon to spread glitter than so do I. I spread the lavender glitter first.
  • Lavender Hands 5 of 13
    Lavender Hands
    After sprinkling the lavender glitter on, I realized it wasn't going to work. I decided to go back to the regular purple glitter for both the heads and hands.
  • Mod Podge the Skull Heads 6 of 13
    Mod Podge the Skull Heads
    While the hands are drying, repeat the Mod Podging process with the heads.
  • Glitter Toupees 7 of 13
    Glitter Toupees
    Sprinkle glitter on the skeletons. Just to mentally prepare you, you are going to have to do this several times.
  • Continue to Mod Podge and Glitter 8 of 13
    Continue to Mod Podge and Glitter
    Keep turning the skeletons, painting, Mod Podge, glittering and letting dry. You want to make sure to cover every surface.
  • Back to the Hands 9 of 13
    Back to the Hands
    You can't tell, but I'm making a huge glitter mess in my apartment. The spoon is actually a great idea though, and less messy. I finished glittering the hands.
  • Glittered Parts 10 of 13
    Glittered Parts
    Here they all are, laid out to dry. Make sure you give them several hours before assembling.
  • Begin Assembly 11 of 13
    Begin Assembly
    I laid a few pieces out onto the candleholder. I did not glue to the base because I might want to reuse it.
  • Hot Glue Like Crazy 12 of 13
    Hot Glue Like Crazy
    Assemble your sculpture by hot gluing and adding skulls. Hold in place for a few seconds until set and then continue.
  • Assembled Tower 13 of 13
    Assembled Tower
    Cool, huh? After several minutes of layering and hot gluing, this was the result. I like it!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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