Crafting with Martha and Amy: Golden Pumpkin Centerpieces

golden pumpkin centerpieces

I’ve never been unsure if I had a craftfail before, but for my latest Crafting with Martha and Amy project, I’m feeling like I did. Don’t let the pumpkins above fool you! This has definitely been my most difficult crafty attempt so far. I had never tried gold leafing, and I had no idea how fragile the sheets were. Or how sticky the adhesive was. I’m not the most delicate crafter, so you can imagine how a delicate project was a bit of a challenge. Do you want to know what I’m talking about? Click through the jump to see my latest DIY project as I craft along with Handmade Holiday Crafts.

The original project was titled “Golden Turkey Centerpieces,” but couldn’t find any resin turkeys – and I also thought pumpkins might be more versatile. Plus I’m not really a giant golden turkey kind of girl. To top it off, I had three ceramic pumpkins from the dollar store, so my supplies dictated what I was going to gold leaf.

I purchased the golf leaf sheets and size (the adhesive) at Hobby Lobby, and spent $14 for both. I felt like it was pretty reasonable for 25 sheets of gold leaf and the size of adhesive I got, which seemed small but I knew would go a long way. I will say that when I started the project, I was quite convinced that this would be my easiest Martha project so far. Applying glue and then gold sheets – how hard can it be? It actually became a bit of a mess, but I tried to redeem myself with a different Martha (shiny) product. Take a peek through my slideshow, and let me know which of my two finished projects that you like best.

  • Gather Your Supplies 1 of 8
    Gather Your Supplies
    Mine included three ceramic pumpkins from the dollar store, gold leaf and adhesive and foam brushes.
  • Paint the Pumpkin 2 of 8
    Paint the Pumpkin
    I dipped directly into the size and painted directly onto the ceramic surface.
  • Watch the Drips 3 of 8
    Watch the Drips
    My foam brush made the size bubble a little, which I think may have affected the final results. In the book, a paintbrush was used. Whoops.
  • Apply the Sheets 4 of 8
    Apply the Sheets
    Once the size has dried for 30 minutes, the gold leafing can be directly applied to the pumpkin surface.
  • Tap the Leafing 5 of 8
    Tap the Leafing
    I tapped lightly with a different (not wet) foam brush. Gold leafing went everywhere.
  • Gold Disaster 6 of 8
    Gold Disaster
    Hmmm . . . the gold didn't adhere to the ceramic like I wanted it to, even with more size applied. I spent nearly an hour fussing with the leaf before I gave up. The little pumpkin, though hard to tell, has little chunks of leafing missing here and there.
  • How I Redeemed Myself 7 of 8
    How I Redeemed Myself
    I had an "ah-ha" moment when I realized that I had Martha Stewart Silver Liquid Gilding in my stash. I decided to give painting one of the pumpkins a try to see what would happen. It dried with a beautiful sheen.
  • Pumpkin Preference 8 of 8
    Pumpkin Preference
    Which one do you like best? Did I do okay on the gold leafing (despite the flaws), or is it the gilded pumpkin that's a hit?

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