Crafting with Martha and Amy: Love Knot Bracelet


It’s been a while since I’ve done a craft from Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts; I got so sick over the holidays, and then New Year was kind of rough. But the great thing is that Martha’s book got me back into the crafting mojo for Valentine’s Day! Sometimes that’s the nice thing about crafting along with a book – following the steps gets you back into the swing of things. I’m totally jazzed for 2012.

When I first say the love knot bracelet project I thought it was very cute – and it looks really easy. I wanted something easy to get me going. I also thought that when I made it and wore it, it wasn’t going to stay on and that it would be more like a little kid’s bracelet (which I didn’t mind). I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was fun to make, looks really cute and stays on beautifully! I want to make more in a variety of colors. Do you want to see more about the project (and Martha’s version)? Click through the jump!


So after going through the project steps, there’s just a few things that I would change. After gluing the image to the cookie cutter, I would let it dry and then go around the edge again with another strip of glue to secure it throughly. I would also poke a hole in the image before gluing it down. Do you want to know what I’m talking about? Take a peek at the steps below.

  • Supplies 1 of 10
    Besides the book, I used silk cord, a button, pins, styrofoam and scissors.
  • Measure it Out 2 of 10
    Measure it Out
    I needed about 36 inches for my 7" (but then again, I ended up cutting a lot off).
  • Slip Through the Button 3 of 10
    Slip Through the Button
    Make sure that you have equal lengths of silk cord on each side.
  • Knotting Pattern 4 of 10
    Knotting Pattern
    Pin the bracelet to craft foam according to the picture. It looks complicated, but the diagram is in the book.
  • Pull it Through 5 of 10
    Pull it Through
    Make sure you tug gently and exactly where it shows in the diagram.
  • Keep Going 6 of 10
    Keep Going
    I made about five knots. Once you get the swing of things, you'll move quickly.
  • Finish It Up 7 of 10
    Finish It Up
    Simply knot at the end and then cut off the excess.
  • Finished Bracelet 8 of 10
    Finished Bracelet
    It was that simple. It took about an hour to get it done.
  • Finished Button Side 9 of 10
    Finished Button Side
    What do you think? Do you love it? I do.
  • Finished Wrist Side 10 of 10
    Finished Wrist Side
    It was so fun to make. I hope you'll make some too!



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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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