Crafting with Martha and Amy: Pom-Pom Toms

ugly pom pom turkeys

For those of you who are new to the series, I’m a crafter. A crafter who is following along with Martha Stewart’s recent holiday release, Handmade Holiday Crafts. It’s a brilliant book with beautiful projects, and I have committed to doing one a week for a year. This week wasn’t so successful. I cut corners, and that never results in anything good. The main problem I was having was finding materials that I needed, so I made some substitutions. I was thinking when I made the substitutions (ad hoc at the craft store) that they wouldn’t be a big deal, but it turns out they are. All I have to say is Martha, I’m so sorry that I butchered your pom-pom toms. Click through the jump to see what they should have looked like and what went wrong.

Pom Pom Tom

Here are the original toms. Aren’t they cute and sweet? My version resembles family members from the wrong side of the tracks. My little toms look like they’ve been through a lot, and that’s because they have. They suffered shortcuts and endless hot gluing – only coming out on the other side to look like this. You really have to check out the slide show to see the details, but I do have one promise for you: I will try harder next time!

  • Gather Your Supplies 1 of 13
    Gather Your Supplies
    I started with felt, pom-pom makers and acrylic yarn because I couldn't find the wool. I think this was my first big mistake.
  • Make the Poms 2 of 13
    Make the Poms
    I actually enjoyed using the pom pom makers. They are interesting little tools - your first thought will be, this makes a pom-pom?
  • Wrap the Yarn 3 of 13
    Wrap the Yarn
    I wrapped the yarn as tightly as possible in the pom maker, thinking that the tight winding would make up for the lack of wool yarn.
  • Cut the Pom 4 of 13
    Cut the Pom
    The pom-pom makers are interesting . . . I cut where I was supposed to, afraid everything would go down the toilet.
  • Tie Yarn 5 of 13
    Tie Yarn
    Another shortcut - I didn't use waxed twine. I thought I could get away with tying the pom with the same yarn. But it's not thin enough.
  • Little Pom 6 of 13
    Little Pom
    I could tell by the shaggy ball that I was going to have a problem, but I moved forward. I didn't have a choice!
  • Cut Out the Tail 7 of 13
    Cut Out the Tail
    Martha's book gives you handy printouts for projects, and the turkey tail is one of them. It's easy to cut out (yay, win!)
  • Assemble the Legs 8 of 13
    Assemble the Legs
    Do you like working with pipe cleaners? I do. Especially when I'm making animal legs.
  • Start Gluing 9 of 13
    Start Gluing
    A hot glue gun is your best tool to assemble this project. Makes it quick and easy.
  • Add the Poms 10 of 13
    Add the Poms
    Glue the poms to the tail. It was at this point I noticed that I had missed a major step - adding the white and yellow feathers with more yarn. I got so caught up in cutting and gluing.
  • Pieces and Parts 11 of 13
    Pieces and Parts
    The last step is to attach the legs, then add the small pieces like the waddles and beaks.
  • Felt Eyes 12 of 13
    Felt Eyes
    I wanted to make up for not having the white yarn, but then I realized I have no large embroidery needle. Lesson learned: read the project supplies and instructions UP FRONT. I was forced to make small felt eyes.
  • Finished Toms 13 of 13
    Finished Toms
    My little guys couldn't even stand, so I propped them up for the photo. I'm going to try harder next time. Promise!



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