Crafting with Martha and Amy – Silly Pumpkin Faces

Welcome to my first installment of “Crafting with Martha and Amy.” Martha doesn’t know it yet, but she and I are going to be crafting together for the next year. I recently got the book Martha Stewart’s Handmade Holiday Crafts, and I’ve decided to follow along, doing weekly projects straight from the book. Sorta “Julia and Julia” style.

Martha Stewart Handmade Holiday Crafts

Each week I’m going to try one of Martha’s projects from the book and let you know how successful I was — as well as give you tips for making the project easier for you (if I find any). You’ll also know if I failed.  I’m going to put it all out there for you!  Halloween is right around the corner so it only made sense to start with my favorite holiday.  My first project? Silly Pumpkin Faces. Read more after the jump.

So here are Martha’s silly pumpkin faces above, as shown in the book. I decided I wanted to do the same, but the ooey-gooey pumpkin mess didn’t appeal to me. Michaels had a 50% off fake pumpkins sale this past week, so I came home with a couple as well as an artificial pumpkin carving kit. Here are my results:

finished fake pumpkins

I would say the overall project was a success, but I definitely learned a few things about working with templates from this book, as well as working with fake pumpkins.  Are you interested in my process?  Click through the slideshow below!

  • Print the Templates 1 of 12
    Print the Templates
    There is a website listed in the book to download the templates from - print more than one, since there aren't duplicates on the same page.
  • Fake Pumpkins 2 of 12
    Fake Pumpkins
    Meet my canvases - fake pumpkins in orange and black.
  • Cut the Base 3 of 12
    Cut the Base
    Use artificial pumpkin tools to cut out the base.
  • Same With Orange 4 of 12
    Same With Orange
    Do the same with the orange pumpkin - these little tools make my wrist hurt!
  • Cut the Faces 5 of 12
    Cut the Faces
    Trace a mouth shape onto the templates and cut it out - I did it this way so I could cut the openings smaller than the templates. This is where I wish I would have used photo editing software to spread out and duplicate the shapes.
  • Trace on Pumpkin 6 of 12
    Trace on Pumpkin
    Take your shapes and trace onto the fake pumpkins.
  • Repeat with the Nose and Eyes 7 of 12
    Repeat with the Nose and Eyes
    Remember, the clip art will go inside the pumpkin and behind the opening - so the opening needs to be smaller than the art.
  • Cut the Tracings 8 of 12
    Cut the Tracings
    Using your wrist-busting tools, saw up and down.
  • Completed Face 9 of 12
    Completed Face
    Kinda cool, huh? I recommend sanding the edges of the fake pumpkins so they are rough.
  • Repeat with Orange 10 of 12
    Repeat with Orange
    This step is messy, I realized. You probably want to do it outside.
  • Tape the Faces 11 of 12
    Tape the Faces
    Into the fake pumpkin, going in from the bottom. In the book, Martha used pins to tack the art into the pumpkins, but tape worked in my fake ones.
  • Completed Silly Pumpkin Faces 12 of 12
    Completed Silly Pumpkin Faces
    I added black to the inside rim of the black pumpkin, but left the orange one looking natural. What do you think? Was it a success?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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