Get Your Kids to Dress Themselves with This Clothing Organization Hack

Mornings are rough enough without having to struggle with getting your kids dressed. With all that has to be accomplished when we wake up, we’ll take anything we can get to ease up our morning routine. Enter: this Daily Clothing Organizer.

Transform plastic drawers into a stylish organization hack that’ll give you and your kids a head start to the week. With designated drawers for each day, your little ones will learn how to dress themselves all while becoming more independent each day. In turn, you get to head to work in the morning a little less stressed out. Yes, please!

Drawer organizer
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Daily Clothing Organizer



  1. Measure the height and width of the front of each drawer. If there is a lip on top, measure that separately. 
  2. Using these dimensions, cut out pieces of wrapping paper.
  3. Paint decoupage glue onto drawer and lay wrapping paper on top.
  4. Apply another layer of decoupage glue over the paper. Let dry.

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  5. For each drawer, hot glue a letter designated for each day of the week. For the last drawer, use the letter ‘A’ for accessories.
Clothes organizer
image source: babble
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