Debt-free Living: 5 Inspiring Blogger Stories

If you’re trying get out of debt, surround yourself with people who have been there. I’ve found inspiration in friends & bloggers who talk openly of their journey to debt freedom. They share money saving ideas, budget tips, and moral support as I work to eliminate our debt.

When I reached out to a few bloggers who have conquered their own debt, I asked each of them how they did it. Everyone — without exception — mentioned Dave Ramsey and his debt snowball program.

This is not new information, really. Total Money Makeover is one of my favorite budget books. But, these amazing women have provided the motivation I need to read it again. And, work harder at getting it done!

I am pleased to introduce you to 5 awesome women who are now living debt free. Each story is a little different — no one gets there quite the same way — but they have all took on the debt monster. And won!

  • Her Royal Highness, Cherie Lowe 1 of 5
    Her Royal Highness, Cherie Lowe
    The Queen of Free lives with her king and two princesses. They are making unbelievable progress in slaying the debt dragon, having paid off $118,784.28 since April 2008 — all while paying cash for a few major expenses along the way. Hello, braces! They are now down to just student loans, but Sallie Mae has already received her eviction notice! Cherie recommends forgiving yourself as a good first step to tackling debt.
    Read more of her story at The Queen of Free
  • The Six Family (Yes, Just Like the Number) 2 of 5
    The Six Family (Yes, Just Like the Number)
    Angie Six, from Just Like the Number, paid off over $100,000 of debt over the course of 7 years, in the early years of her marriage. The financial peace this brought has helped them weather medical bills & job losses while moving from Nashville to Indy, putting two kids through private school, and buying a home. Angie recommends a monthly budget meeting with your spouse as a way to take charge of your income and where it goes. She says you'll argue. You'll hate it. Make it a habit anyway.
    Read more at Just Like the Number
  • Alecia from Savings & Stewardship 3 of 5
    Alecia from Savings & Stewardship
    Alecia and her husband graduated from college with more than $50,000 in student loans and debt. Several years and two kids later, they are basking the freedom of being debt-free. Alecia recommends creating a sensible budget that works for your family.
    Read more at Savings & Stewardship
  • Jodi Michelle – She Tells Stories 4 of 5
    Jodi Michelle - She Tells Stories
    Jodi and her family of four paid off over $70,000 in just 24 months! Their debt payoff involved the sale of a new home and car, but wow! Jodi would like everyone to just cut up their credit cards. Seriously, just do it. Use cash for everyday spending to get your budget under control and manage debt.
    Read more at jodimichelle
  • Lauren Greutman (You Know, THAT Lady) 5 of 5
    Lauren Greutman (You Know, THAT Lady)
    Lauren's family of five paid off over $40,000 in under 3 years, reducing the budget in every way they could think of. They've now been debt-free for 3 months, and Lauren shares her tips for getting out of debt. She believes the reason most budgets fail is because they are unrealistic. You don't have to compete with anyone, but you need to set a budget that your family can stick to.
    Read more at I am THAT Lady

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