Decorate Your Home Like The Irish!

It is always fun to decorate your home in honor of upcoming holidays, and all that green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (plus all the fun you can have planting practical jokes courtesy of those mischievous “leprechauns”) is probably the most fun you can have!

But I started to wonder about what a traditionally Irish home would look like, for those of us who might maybe take our holiday decorating a little too seriously. And what I found was absolutely gorgeous and inspiring and now I am chomping at the bit to take a soggy, foggy vacation to the home of the leprechauns. Yes? You with me?

After the jump, some seriously lovely Irish homes, and a few products to help you achieve that romantic, windswept look in your own home! I hope you enjoy!

  • Irish Cottage 1 of 27
    I can just imagine stumbling on this little beauty on a rainy day walk. I'd be wearing oxfords and ruffled socks for this walk, of course.
    Image source: Amarinthe Aesthetic
  • Traditional Irish Kitchen 2 of 27
    Aren't you ready to move in? The long, rustic kitchen table is a great contrast to the more finished-looking cabinets and lights.
    Image source: Airlase
  • Get The Look: Farmhouse Table 3 of 27
    All traditional Irish kitchens deserve a traditional farmhouse kitchen table.
    Get your own at Amazon , $154.99
  • Even More Traditional Irish Kitchen 4 of 27
    The inside of a period-specific 1800s Irish kitchen. It's the details — the dishes on display in the hutch, the ruffle of curtain on the right — that make this feel like a classic, comfortable home.
    Image source: Travels in Ireland
  • Get The Look: A Hutch 5 of 27
    It's pricey, but this would be a piece you could pass on to all your Irish red-headed generations! 😉
    Get your own at Amazon , $3049.99
  • Old Irish Kitchen 6 of 27
    Oh, the bread I could bake in here ...
    Image source: Airlase
  • Get The Look: Cast Iron Skillet 7 of 27
    While redoing your kitchen to look like the previous image might not be feasible, you can create a similar, kitchen-y mood by buying a few of these and hanging them on your kitchen wall! Instant country-kitchen chic.
    Get your own at Amazon, $10.97
  • Irish Eat-In Kitchen 8 of 27
    The balance of rustic to modern in here is perfection!
    Image source: Airlase
  • Get The Look: Stainless Steel Tea Kettle 9 of 27
    I just love the traditional shape of this lover of a tea kettle. It would fit right in that Irish kitchen — and your home, too!
    Get your own at Amazon, $39.99
  • Irish Cottage Bedroom 10 of 27
    I love the scale of this bed in such a teeny tiny room!
    Image source Apartment Therapy
  • Get The Look: New Market Maple Poster Bed 11 of 27
    Guess what, it comes in blue!
    Get your own at NC Rustic, $1,818.30
  • Cozy Bedroom 12 of 27
    Even if those stone walls got a little cool in the winter, we'd be happy to warm right up in that cozy bed! This is a good way to show how feminine accents can work against a plain white wall.
    Image source: HomeAway
  • Get the Look: Irish tapestry 13 of 27
    Mix a more traditional-looking tapestry like this one with an iron bedframe and a feminine bedspread to get a similar look in your own home.
    Get your own at Island Ireland, $39.95
  • White Cottage 14 of 27
    I can hear the wind whipping from here.
    Image source: Amarinthe Aesthetic
  • Thatched and Delicious 15 of 27
    This gorgeous thatched roof home lives in an Irish heritage village and is positively shouting at me to come and have some tea inside.
    Image source: Let's Fly Cheaper
  • Get The Look: Super Moss 16 of 27
    Have some on hand for creating your own indoor terrariums inspired by the Irish countryside. The more mossy, the better!
    Get your own at Amazon, $12.19
  • Little Red Window 17 of 27
    I could look at this image all day. The red window is the perfect pop of color against the simple white wall and greenery.
    Image source: O'Brien's Irish Cottage
  • Get The Look: White Hydrangeas 18 of 27
    Bring some Irish inspiration to your garden — You'll want a big old bush of these on the property. Then, clip and trim and populate every horizontal surface of your home with them! Dreamy.
    Get your own at Amazon, $11.99
  • I DIE 19 of 27
    Do you not die as well? I mean, come on.
    Image source: Panoramio
  • Green Door 20 of 27
    This traditional Irish cottage is, of course, green doored.
    Image source: Superstock
  • Get The Look: Ball Topiaries 21 of 27
    Two, for flanking your bright green door.
    Get your own at Amazon , $139.99
  • Quaint Earthen Brick Stove 22 of 27
    Cozy! If you can't incorporate a real fireplace into your decor, some details — a stone wall, or a basket full of freshly chopped wood, for example — could bring that snuggly vibe without all the demolition.
    Image source Apartment Therapy
  • Get The Look: Deluxe Rocking Chair 23 of 27
    Place this next to a rustic heat source on a braided oval rug. Warm cup of tea. Something woolly on your feet. Possibly some cabbage on the stove? You're feeling it, I can tell.
    Get your own at Amazon, $114.95
  • Bathroom 24 of 27
    A simple, yet calming, bathroom color scheme: We love how the greens and the browns liven up the plain white toilet and tub.
    Image source: HomeAway
  • Get the Look: Medicine cabinet 25 of 27
    To achieve the same atmosphere at home, keep the accents in your bathroom simple, while letting the colors in the floors and walls stand out.
    Get your own at Amazon, $72
  • Irish Dining Room 26 of 27
    Oh dear. Oh dear this is too lovely.
    Image source: Apartment Therapy
  • Get The Look: Vintage 1940s Floral Wallpaper 27 of 27
    The finishing touch. Put this up on an accent wall in your kitchen or dining area, and then invite me to tea, please!
    Get your own at Etsy, $14

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