• 15 Crafty Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs 1 of 16
  • Draw on them 2 of 16
    Keep egg decorating easy by adding detail with whatever leftover craft or school supplies you have lying around. Though simple, an original print drawn with a Sharpie, a pen, or paint can make for a stunning result.
    Learn how to make these Easter eggs
  • Just stick it 3 of 16
    Take a trip to the store and browse the sticker aisle for your Easter egg decorating supplies! What could be easier — or make an adult feel more like a kid — than that?
    Learn how to make these Easter eggs
  • Give them a ‘stache 4 of 16
    It may not be "No Shave November," but don't let that stop you from trying out this adorable Easter egg design using scraps of electrical tape and a bit of imagination.
    Learn how to make these Easter eggs
  • Cover them in melted crayons 5 of 16
    Got a carton of eggs, a 12-pack of crayons, and a bored kid at home? Get coloring!
    Learn how to make these Easter eggs
  • Tie-dye eggs 6 of 16
    Easter eggs get a trip back to the '60s with this psychedelic decorating project — which miraculously leaves your hands dye-free throughout the process.
    Learn how to tie-dye Easter eggs
  • Go simple with stripes 7 of 16
    Kick things up a notch by wrapping rubber bands around your eggs before coloring them. They say horizontal stripes can be unflattering … but we say these eggs have never looked better!
    Learn how to make these Easter eggs
  • Create chalkboard eggs 8 of 16
    Chalkboard paint gets an egg-citing new use with this decorating tip, which gives your child free reign to chalk out the world's next great masterpiece!
    Learn how to make these Easter eggs
  • Wrap ‘em up 9 of 16
    If you're not much of an artist, don't fret. You can still participate in this classic Easter activity by simply tying thin thread or rope around eggs. We promise, it's knot tough at all!
    Learn how to make these Easter eggs
  • Dye and decoupage 10 of 16
    Dye and Decoupage
    Want to make the most colorful egg in the basket? Rub it with vinegar first! For an extra touch, decoupage with some cutouts from specially shaped hole punches.
    Learn how to dye and decoupage
  • Dye eggs naturally 11 of 16
    Dye Eggs Naturally
    For a chemical-free way to dye your Easter eggs, steal color from vegetables. Red cabbage, for example, will turn your eggs a surprising bright blue!
    Learn how to dye eggs naturally
  • Or buy an eco-friendly egg dying kit 12 of 16
    Or Buy an Eco-Friendly Egg Dying Kit
    If you’re strapped for time, an all-in-one egg-dying kit can please both you and the kids this Easter. Our favorite is this eco-friendly one, which uses all-natural extracts from fruits and vegetables.
    Get the Eco-Eggs coloring kit
  • Decoupage eggs with a surprise inside 13 of 16
    Decoupage Eggs with a Surprise Inside
    Fill an eggshell with colorful candy like jellybeans or a surprise message, and decoupage tissue paper over the entire egg for a surprising twist. Your kids will love cracking them open on Easter!
    Learn how to decoupage surprise eggs
  • Or hide the surprise with baking liners 14 of 16
    Or Hide the Surprise with Baking Liners
    If decoupage isn’'t your thing, you can stick your eggs into baking liners to hide holes (and the candy surprise!). Add a cute “Crack Me” message for a little more fun.
    Learn how to make these Easter eggs
  • Try unconventional patterns 15 of 16
    Try Unconventional Patterns
    We love the unusual, chic folk art decorations on these eggs, which your family can replicate with kid-friendlier crayons instead of paint. Beats the traditional zig-zag lines we’'re used to!
    Learn more about these patterns
  • Make cascarones 16 of 16
    Make Cascarones
    Try this Mexican alternative to plastic eggs: Cascarones are filled with confetti that your kids can playfully crack over heads to make glorious messes.
    Learn how to make cascarones

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