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So recently I went in search of some awesome rugs for my loft. I wasn’t sure what I wanted . . . but I knew that I wanted it to be modern and durable. And I also knew that it had to be stylish but not cost me an arm and leg. Enter FLOR carpet design squares. What these are is a system of carpet squares that you assemble to make your own custom rugs, runners or wall-to-wall designs or any shape or size. After visiting the store here in Atlanta and seeing the product up close, I’m obsessed. You will be too.


One of my biggest concerns in buying a large rug has been that my dog, age 11, is going to ruin it. If you look up “sloppy” in the dictionary, there is certainly a picture of my pug. She’s a good girl, but she’s not the neatest. I’ve also had a hard time finding a large rug that I like – and by “hard time” I mean that it’s been impossible. I love that FLOR enables me to design my own floor covering and that the choices are modern and very stylish. AND if my pug has a spill, I only need to replace ONE tile as opposed to the whole rug. Each FLOR square is 19.7 inches square, and to make a floor covering, you just need the tiles and their special stickers. And that’s it.

“But Amy,” you say, “I’m not good at designing things myself.” Well, no worries . . .


FLOR has a team of people to help you with that. They have design services, custom cutting and even professional installation if you don’t feel like doing it yourself. I went to the Atlanta store and worked with Kimberly and Barry – I haven’t picked my FLOR yet, but they walked me through the entire process and offered to help me figure out what I want (I’m going to come back and reveal at a later date!). They were so polite and it was such a pleasant experience. Plus Barry had the best shoes ever (hello dark purple brogues).

I could go on and on, but I’ll let you see for yourself. I picked some designs from their site that I am considering for my place, and I think you’ll like them too. Click through the slideshow to see my FLOR picks! Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook for the latest, too.

  • Made You Look 1 of 12
    Made You Look
    This design comes in tons of color variations - and these medium traffic squares can be cut to make cool patterns.
    See this design at FLOR
  • Seeing Stripes 2 of 12
    Seeing Stripes
    Saturated hues and deep, plush softness.
    See this design at FLOR
  • Chenille Charade 3 of 12
    Chenille Charade
    A vintage feel combined with vibrant colors.
    See this design at FLOR
  • Lasting Greatness 4 of 12
    Lasting Greatness
    Make a statement with this fanciful grillwork pattern in a durable yet soft loop yarn in a range of bold colors.
    See this design at FLOR
  • Lacebark 5 of 12
    I love the soft textures and natural feel of these stripes.
    See this design at FLOR
  • Cut Triangles 6 of 12
    Cut Triangles
    I love that you can take some of the solides and cut them to make unique floor coverings or even borders for existing patterns.
    Learn more at FLOR
  • Waxing Poetic 7 of 12
    Waxing Poetic
    A unique, organic pattern that reveals more beauty the more you look at it.
    See this design at FLOR
  • Mod Cow 8 of 12
    Mod Cow
    This loopy and fuzzy pattern has no two squares that are completely alike.
    See this design at FLOR
  • Lanyard 9 of 12
    Bands of bold color with neutral cables make a cool statement.
    See this design at FLOR
  • All Dolled Up 10 of 12
    All Dolled Up
    I love the beautiful textures and swirly colors of this pattern - no two are alike, which makes for an interesting floor covering.
    See this design at FLOR
  • Rake Me Over 11 of 12
    Rake Me Over
    This is great for heavy traffic and comes in a myriad of colors.
    See this design at FLOR
  • Unique Design 12 of 12
    Unique Design
    Have a FLOR representative design the perfect rug for your space.
    Learn more at FLOR

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