Pretty Parties: Good Old Fashioned Balloons

Parties are kind of my thing. Ok, they’re totally my thing. I spend more time thinking about parties and dreaming up party decorations than you would guess possible. And I have to say, I really can’t get enough of balloons. Balloons! Not the cheesy-looking balloons that harken back to prom circa late 1990s. Big, cheerful, happy balloons that are as modern as they are old fashioned. In that perfect, nostalgic kind of way. Need a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add a dash of personality to your next celebration? Balloons are your friend, trust me. Not convinced? These 10 ways to decorate with balloons are sure to make you a believer!

  • Ballons + Gold 1 of 10
    Ballons + Gold
    I love these colorful balloons and the addition of the metallic gold is so fun!
    Photo by Alice G. Patterson.
  • Birthday Ballons 2 of 10
    Birthday Ballons
    What little birthday girl doesn't deserve a big ol' bunch of pink and purple balloons?
    Photo by Abby Jiu Photography. See more at The Sweetest Occasion.
  • Balloon Centerpieces 3 of 10
    Balloon Centerpieces
    I adore the addition of big bunches of balloons tied to mason jar centerpieces. And the pop of color couldn't be more fun!
    Photo by Andrea Hubbell.
  • Balloon Fruit 4 of 10
    Balloon Fruit
    Want to take your balloons up a notch? Create your own DIY balloon fruit!
    Check out Oh Happy Day for the how-to.
  • Marbleized Balloons 5 of 10
    Marbleized Balloons
    For even more personality, I'm loving these marbleized balloons!
    Photo from Oh Happy Day.
  • Geronimo Balloons 6 of 10
    Geronimo Balloons
    Hands down, Geronimo Balloons has some of the largest, prettiest balloons going.
    Check them out at Geronimo Balloons.
  • Balloon Numbers 7 of 10
    Balloon Numbers
    You know I am obsessed with these huge, mylar number balloons! They're awesome for birthdays, but also anniversaries, too!
    Photo from Oh Joy.
  • Balloon Garlands 8 of 10
    Balloon Garlands
    Long strands of balloons tied into garlands? This is what one calls brilliance.
    Photo by Harvest Breeding.
  • Balloons with Tassels 9 of 10
    Balloons with Tassels
    Want to make a huge oversized orange balloon even cooler? Tie on a pretty fabric tassel!
    Photo from Sugar Lander.
  • Balloon Wall 10 of 10
    Balloon Wall
    The ultimate balloon fun? Why, a balloon wall of course!
    See more of this party at Apartment Therapy.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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