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Today on LGN, I shared my friend’s DIY art project. She was inspired by the work of a famous artist, Franz Kline. Using some inexpensive oil paints and a 40% off canvas, she just went for it. I think she has some inherent artistic ability, but she’s no professional artist. So take courage!

Want some more inspiring abstract art projects? Here are a few that I want to try myself…

  • A great DIY on Oh Happy Day 1 of 5
    A great DIY on Oh Happy Day
    Jordan Ferney's husband, Paul is a professional artist. He shares his process for painting abstract art HERE. I love that they did a pair of large painting here. Did you know that is the trick with getting a finished feeling room - BIG ART.
  • Nathan Thomas’ Drip Art 2 of 5
    Nathan Thomas' Drip Art
    Do you remember Bravo's show Top Design? It was a great show. In the finale of season 2, designer Nathan Thomas made this amazing art by simply dripping latex paint down the side of a large canvas! I love the colors here.
  • Adding and Taking Away Layers 3 of 5
    Adding and Taking Away Layers
    Did you see the documentary on this little girl? It's sort of a sad story of exploitation. And it turns out she probably was not the artist. Still, I like the process of the painting shown here (not so much liking the colors). You could recreate the look by painting a colorful, swirly base coat, let that dry, then add a layer of dark paint and strategically wipe off parts of the black paint. Pretty!
  • Simple Brushstrokes 4 of 5
    Simple Brushstrokes
    Just dab a 1" brush around using different colors in the same family. You'll want to use mostly light and medium tones, and just a few dark dabs for contrast.
  • Fat Brush! 5 of 5
    Fat Brush!
    I LOVE the look of these fat brush strokes. I think I would use a wallpaper paste brush or a wide 5" brush to loosely brush on some pretty swirls. Drips are welcome too!

And of course, if you’d just like to purchase a painting from a real artist, some blogger favorites include:

Michelle Armas

Nicole Cohen

Amanda Talley

Who else am I missing? Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to be included!

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