The New Moana Doll Comes in Easy-to-Open Packaging That Transforms into a DIY Boat

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If you’ve ever bought a toy for your child, chances are you’ve watched in disbelief at least once when they’ve tossed it aside and chosen to play with the box instead. Well, Disney feels our pain. To prove it, they’ve totally reinvented the way their latest doll is packaged.

Moana, Disney’s newest heroine, is an adventurous teenage girl who sets sail on a brave mission to save her people. And her doll comes in easy-to-open packaging made from 70% recycled materials that can be transformed into its own toy.

Yes, they’ve made the box into a craft for you and your kiddo to do together, extending the storytelling aspect of playtime. With some tape, a few small sticks from the yard, and 10 minutes of our time, my daughter and I turned Moana’s packaging into her very own boat.

While my little one is always thankful for a new doll, she often just changes her clothes, brushes her hair, and moves on. But not this time. Thanks to the boat, she spent an hour sailing around the house on her own grand adventures.

And as an added bonus, we’re all familiar with the toys that require a screwdriver, scissors, and loads of patience to pry them out of the box, right? Well, this is nothing like that. With a little assistance (and zero frustration), my 4-year-old could easily remove Moana from her packaging.

Don’t believe me on how simple it is? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to turn your Moana doll’s packaging into a ready-to-play boat.

DIY Moana Boat



  1. Remove Moana from her box.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
    Image Source: Lily Glass
  2. Set aside the plastic cover and box frame for recycling.
  3. Keep the portion that the doll is secured to, and follow the directions included on how to fold and tape into the boat shape.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
    Image Source: Lily Glass
  4. Attach the small side boat to the larger one with two small sticks.
  5. Secure the flag to the boat and sail away!

    image source: lily glass
    image source: lily glass
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