Pump Breast Milk Hands-Free with This Easy Mom Hack

While breast pumps are helpful when you’re away from your baby, they aren’t always convenient or budget friendly! That’s why we’re loving this hands-free DIY Pumping Bra.

Simply cut holes into one of your old (supportive) sports bras, glue the fabrics together, and insert your pumping tools for this simple mom hack. Then multitask like never before!

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DIY Pumping Bra


  • Supportive sports bra*
  • Marker
  • 2 breast shields (like these from Amazon)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Orange (optional)


  1. Try on your sports bra and mark where your nipples will be. (Note: If there are any removable pads or lining, remove beforehand.)
  2. Remove bra, then line up the small end of the breast shield around the marks. With a marker, trace around the inner circle on both sides.
  3. Cut out the circles. (Note: Make sure not to cut them bigger than the mark.)

    Pumping bra DIY
    image source: babble
  4. Glue all of the bra layers together. Let dry. (Tip: Place an orange underneath the breast area of the bra while it dries to keep all layers together.)
  5. Insert your breast shields and start pumping!

    DIY pumping bra
    image source: babble
DIY Pumping Bra
image source: babble

*Note: Make sure the bra has a snug fit. The following styles are also helpful: support under breasts, thick straps, no wiring, and easy closure. 

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