15 Unique, DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It’s pretty much crunch time people. Are you ready for Christmas? I am a little behind on the stocking stuffers for my non-immediate family (yes we do that) and thought “hey! why not a few DIYs?” Here are 15 awesome small-enough-to-be-stocking-stuffers gifts you can make on the cheap and pretty quickly. Enjoy!

  • Clay Necklace 1 of 15
    Clay Necklace
    The gradual color change is so pretty on this clay bead necklace.
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  • Rose Ring 2 of 15
    Rose Ring
    I can think of about 10 little girls who would be thrilled to receive this prize in their stocking.
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  • Gold Bracelets 3 of 15
    Gold Bracelets
    I wish my husband was more of the crafty type so I would receive these.
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  • Multi Colored Crayons 4 of 15
    Multi Colored Crayons
    These are so easy to make and would be perfect for the toddler set.
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  • Business Card Holder 5 of 15
    Business Card Holder
    A perfect present for that blogger in your life.
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  • Arrow Pencils 6 of 15
    Arrow Pencils
    A cool pencil you surely won't lose.
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  • To Do List 7 of 15
    To Do List
    This cute to do list would be appreciated by every mom on my list.
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  • Bath Bombs 8 of 15
    Bath Bombs
    Something to treat your mom with but I'm sure kids would love these too.
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  • Finger Puppets 9 of 15
    Finger Puppets
    These felt puppets are so cute I need to make my son some!
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  • Coin Purse 10 of 15
    Coin Purse
    I need this. My coins always seem to end up in the bottom of my purse getting stuck to old gum.
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  • Key Chain 11 of 15
    Key Chain
    A manly key chain would be great for a husband or boyfriend.
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  • Leather Passport Holder 12 of 15
    Leather Passport Holder
    My son pretty much chewed through my husband's wallet so I should make him something like this.
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  • Painted Bowls 13 of 15
    Painted Bowls
    So pretty! and the perfect mini size for a stocking.
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  • Personalized Mugs 14 of 15
    Personalized Mugs
    Great for all the hot chocolate you'll be sipping.
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  • Gift Cards 15 of 15
    Gift Cards
    I'm a fan of gift cards even if they do seem impersonal. I'm a bigger fan if they're wrapped cleverly.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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