A “Beary” Cute Valentine You Can Make with Your Toddler

image source: ashley lam
image source: ashley lam

Sometimes the words “thank you” get lost in the day to day. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, Babble is featuring content all month long that celebrates those special people (and moments) that make it all worth it. Click here for more on #BabbleThanksLove.

The best gifts of all are those you make. So this Valentine’s Day, skip the generic, store-bought card! In under five minutes, you and your kiddos can DIY a Thumbprint Valentine to present to your partner — to show them just how much they’re loved.

Using just a marker, colored pencil, card stock, and ink pads, transform thumbprints into an adorable image. Add as many bears as you like, write a custom message, or even try out different shapes or figures. Whatever you make, they’re sure to love it!

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image source: ashley lam

DIY Thumbprint Valentines

inspired by Hello, Wonderful 



  1. Fold card stock in half. Then fold in half again, to create 4 rectangular boxes.

    image source: ashley lam
    image source: ashley lam
  2. Cut out the 4 sheets.
  3. Press thumb on the brown ink pad. On one of the rectangular card stock sheets, stamp thumb horizontally to create the bear’s head. Reapply thumb on the brown ink pad and now stamp thumb vertically underneath the head to create the bear’s body.
  4. Use the marker to draw the bear’s facial features, ears, and legs.

    image source: ashley lam
    image source: ashley lam
  5. Have your little one repeat the same process to create the baby bear, leaving space in between the adult bear.
  6. Place thumb on red ink pad and stamp, between the two bears, at a slightly slanted angle to create half of a heart. Repeat to add the other half.
  7. With the colored pencil, have your child write out the message: “we love you bear-y much.”

If you’re short on time, simply gift this adorable Printable Thumbprint Valentine instead. Done and done!

image source: babble
image source: babble
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