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I absolutely love tights in the fall and winter. Paired with skirts or tunics and tall boots, they’re a must-have fashion staple in my cold weather wardrobe. Lately I’ve been seeing so many ideas for dressing up ordinary tights and stockings with a bit of pizazz and just had to share. We’re talking ombre, cute hearts, classic polka dots…the works! Want to add a funky edge to your favorite fall tights? Here are 12 awesome ideas for DIY tights!

  • Patterned Heart Tights 1 of 12
    Patterned Heart Tights
    These patterned heart tights feature tiny little hearts on classic heather gray tights. You just need tights, paint and a foam brush to get started!
    Get the how-to from Lemon Jitters.
  • Ombre Tights 2 of 12
    Ombre Tights
    The ombre trend is still going strong and I love the bright blue and bold purple of these DIY ombre tights.
    Get the how-to from Brit + Co.
  • Lace Embellished Tights 3 of 12
    Lace Embellished Tights
    I love these absolutely gorgeous embellished tights! You just need sheer stockings and bits of lace and trim to create your own.
    Get the how-to from Cocorosa.
  • Heart Tights 4 of 12
    Heart Tights
    Fabric paint and a heart template are all you need to jazz up plain white tights with a bunch of happy red!
    Get the how-to from The Most Delightful Adventure.
  • Heart Stockings 5 of 12
    Heart Stockings
    More hearts, but with a totally different look, these sheer stockings feature white hearts in varying sizes for a playful edge.
    Get the how-to from The Pineneedle Collective.
  • Tattoo Stockings 6 of 12
    Tattoo Stockings
    Love the look of a fab tattoo but too needle-shy to commit? Me too! Fake the look with these tattoo-inspired DIY stockings.
    Get the how-to from By Wilma.
  • Bedazzled Tights 7 of 12
    Bedazzled Tights
    These lace tights get a dose of extra glamor with glittery gold sparkles!
    Get the how-to from Park & Cube.
  • Tie Dyed Tights 8 of 12
    Tie Dyed Tights
    Tie dyed tights are making a big push onto the fashion scene right now. With rubberbands and fabric dye you can make your own!
    Get the how-to from The Work is Getting to Me.
  • Sparrow Tights 9 of 12
    Sparrow Tights
    Possibly my favorite of the bunch, I love the look of these white sparrows on sheer black stockings.
    Get the how-to from The Pineneedle Collective.
  • Knee Patch Tights 10 of 12
    Knee Patch Tights
    A really cool, folky look, these tights feature knee patches painted on with fabric paint.
    Get the how-to from 3191.
  • Polka Dot Tights 11 of 12
    Polka Dot Tights
    Classic black tights get a dose of preppy chic with the addition of silvery white polka dots. Love!
    Get the how-to from Design for Mankind.
  • Heart Backed Tights 12 of 12
    Heart Backed Tights
    More hearts, but with a funky look down the back of tights, I love these fabulous tights.
    Get the how-to from Lana Red.

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