Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers

Lorax and Truffula Cupcake Toppers

With the upcoming movie release of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, I thought it time to do some fun crafts. And what could be more fun than crafting for a Lorax party? There are a lot of options for party favors, but I went with cupcake toppers – because everyone loves a delicious cupcake! I chose to make not only the Lorax himself, but some truffula trees to accompany him. These are so easy to assemble that you’ll be able to whip them out for a party in no time. Click through the jump to see how they were made!

  • Gather Supplies 1 of 12
    Gather Supplies
    You'll want BBQ skewers (food-safe), pom poms, pipe cleaners, foam sheets in orange and yellow, pen, scissors and craft glue.
  • Wind the Pipe Cleaners 2 of 12
    Wind the Pipe Cleaners
    I was lucky to find striped pipe cleaners patterned just like real truffula trees! Start from the bottom near the sharp end and begin winding.
  • Wrap It Up 3 of 12
    Wrap It Up
    Keep wrapping the pipe cleaner until it's completely around the skewer. No glue necessary.
  • Break Off End 4 of 12
    Break Off End
    Use your scissors to break off the top end of the skewer (not the end with the point).
  • Time to Glue 5 of 12
    Time to Glue
    Add glue to the top end of the skewer and then stick it into a large pom pom. Hold for a moment until it stays . . . then set aside to dry.
  • Draw the Lorax 6 of 12
    Draw the Lorax
    Use a pen to draw a Lorax-shaped face on the orange foam. I just did it freehand. Do the same with the yellow foam - draw a mustache and little patch of hair.
  • Cut It Out 7 of 12
    Cut It Out
    Use scissors to cut out both shapes. Trim as necessary.
  • Glue Together 8 of 12
    Glue Together
    Use glue to attach the mustache and hair patch.
  • Add to Skewer 9 of 12
    Add to Skewer
    For the Lorax head, cut the skewer as you did for the trees - but this time, glue the skewer to the back of the Lorax head. Let it dry.
  • Finished Toppers 10 of 12
    Finished Toppers
    Stick your toppers into colorful cupcakes and enjoy! Remove the toppers before giving the cupcakes to children, since the ends are sharp.
  • The Lorax 11 of 12
    The Lorax
    This cute little head makes me laugh!
  • Truffula Trees 12 of 12
    Truffula Trees
    I'm so happy with the way the cupcake toppers turned out. Now what other Dr. Seuss parties can I make cupcake toppers for?

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Disclosure: A big thanks to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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