Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax Kids’ Story Board

Dr. Seuss The Lorax Story Board

The new movie Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is soon to be released (this Friday) and I’ve done another craft in celebration! This time I put together a felt story board for children – after your kids see the movie, they can reenact the story at home. My version is a bit simplified, but guaranteed to delight. I had such a fun time making it, and you can create as many scenes from the movie as you like. Click through the jump to see another scene and to find out how it was made!

Here’s another scene: the factory and the cut down truffula trees. It’s kind of depressing, but it doesn’t have to be that way for long! Children can change out the pieces, and the velcro keeps the pieces secured (lightly) to the surface. Another great thing about this story board is that a child old enough to use a pair of scissors and glue can help make it. They will have a great time.

Before you begin, you’ll need to collect: an embroidery hoop, pen, scissors, craft glue, adhesive velcro, felt in various colors, wiggly eyes and fleece for the sky background. Follow the tutorial below to make the story.

  • Trace Your Grass 1 of 11
    Trace Your Grass
    Before you do anything with your embroidery hoop, you'll need to trace the grass so that it fits the front of your "scene." Trace a half circle, cut the grass to fit the inner embroidery hoop and then set aside.
  • Glue Your Sky 2 of 11
    Glue Your Sky
    Secure your fleece into the hoop by adding craft glue to the inside of the outer ring.
  • Secure the Hoop 3 of 11
    Secure the Hoop
    Sandwich the fleece between the two parts of the embroidery hoop and press firmly. Let it dry.
  • Trim Excess Fabric 4 of 11
    Trim Excess Fabric
    Use your scissors to cut the fleece close to the edge.
  • Glue the Grass 5 of 11
    Glue the Grass
    Use craft glue to add the grass to the front of your scene.
  • Cut the Shapes 6 of 11
    Cut the Shapes
    Draw shapes onto the fleece with a pen, then cut out with scissors. Make truffula trees, stumps and a warehouse.
  • Glue Parts Together 7 of 11
    Glue Parts Together
    Glue everything together that needs to be glued and let it dry.
  • Add Velcro 8 of 11
    Add Velcro
    The self-adhesive velcro will stick to the back of the felt nicely. Larger pieces should use two circles.
  • Cut the Lorax 9 of 11
    Cut the Lorax
    I didn't want to free-hand the little guy himself, so I printed out a graphic and secured to the felt with a piece of tape. Then I cut him out, along with eyebrows and a mustache from the gold felt.
  • Add Embellishments 10 of 11
    Add Embellishments
    Add wiggly eyes, mustache and eyebrows to The Lorax with craft glue. Let dry.
  • Finished Story 11 of 11
    Finished Story
    Here are all the parts to tell the story of The Lorax! Make as many story pieces as you like, and store them in a plastic sandwich bag when not in use.

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