Little Ways to Feng Shui Your Home

I’m guessing you’ve probably heard of feng shui before. But I’m also guessing there’s a good chance, that while intriguing, it’s always seemed a little too complicated to pay much attention to, right? You’re not alone. So what’s the feng shui hype all about? Based on ancient Eastern philosophies, feng shui is a series of guidelines intended to help create a sense of harmony and balance to promote positive energy within your surroundings. The principles can be pretty complex, but I think all of us can agree that we’d love for our homes to feel more restful and at peace. Luckily, it’s a cinch to start working simple feng shui practices into your life — so today I’m sharing a handful of little ways to feng shui your home! And, I promise, it really is easy.

  • Your Desk 1 of 8
    Your Desk
    A few easy basics for bringing a little feng shui to your home office — make sure your back isn't facing the door so you can accept positive energy. Keep your desk neat and tidy and introduce an energizing color like purple. While this may seem surprising, the color black is great for careers and money and can also help promote creativity. Don't forget flowers or houseplants, and include a few personal mementos to connect you to those you love, which will promote an energized, focused mindset while working.
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  • Your Bathroom 2 of 8
    Your Bathroom
    Bathrooms are a space for cleansing and purifying your body and mind. Keep it clean and tidy, avoid clutter, and use soothing colors like different shades of blue, which according to feng shui principles, holds yin energy, promoting a feeling of peace and calm.
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    Your Bedroom
    Place the bed within view of the door and windows, close off the closet and bathroom, and avoid hanging anything heavy above or over the bed. Placing three or nine bright plants in your bedroom can even help you feel more spicy between the sheets.
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  • Your Closets 4 of 8
    Your Closets
    Having a hard time feeling settled in your bedroom? It could be your closet! Closets should be neat, tidy, well-organized, and hidden behind doors. When possible, leave empty space to promote flow of energy.
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  • Your Living Room 5 of 8
    Your Living Room
    Your living room should be warm, inviting, and a reflection of your personal style. Include artwork, photos, and family heirlooms to welcome others into your space. Opt for as much natural lighting as possible, and avoid overhead lighting, which can make the energy feel too harsh.
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  • Your Kitchen 6 of 8
    Your Kitchen
    Keep your kitchen neat and orderly. Introduce energizing colors, greenery, or plants to add life to the room. You should feel like the center of mission control at the stove, so try to arrange it so you face the entryway while you cook. If this isn't possible, hanging a mirror or other reflective item over the stove can help redirect energy in the space.
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  • Your Kid’s Room 7 of 8
    Your Kid's Room
    Creating a safe and secure place for children is important. Place a photo of you and your partner in the room to promote good vibes, and make sure your child's bed is in view of the door, but not directly in line with it, in order to promote restful sleep. Reducing clutter is key to having a calm, restful space.
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  • Your Entryway 8 of 8
    Your Entryway
    To welcome positive energy and loved ones into your home, keep your entryway tidy and inviting. Plants, artwork, and water features like a small fountain all help foster positive energy and tranquility.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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