Fantastic Hassle-Free Indoor Plants And Flowers

I love plants and fresh flowers. They are beautiful and a great way to bring a bit of nature indoors (especially in the colder months!) But my problem is, I have a very black thumb. I kill every plant or flower  I come in contact with! Here are some hassle-free, no-risk house plants and flowers that are sure to please. The trick? They’re all fake! Check them out and see which ones would look awesome in your space.

  • Golden Succulents 1 of 8
    Golden Succulents
    I am over the moon in love with these. So pretty and of course, no way to kill it!
    Buy one at Waterstone Succulents.
  • Stuffed Succulents 2 of 8
    Stuffed Succulents
    I think this would be adorable in a kid's room. They could pretend to water it so maybe someday they can keep a real plant alive!
    Buy yours at Sian.
  • Paper, Please! 3 of 8
    Paper, Please!
    I love the look of this one. And the shape is awesome!
    See more at Taylor McKimens.
  • Felt Ball Flowers 4 of 8
    Felt Ball Flowers
    Felt balls have so many uses, why not make some simple flowers to liven up your living space?
    See more at Berry Island.
  • Glow In The Dark 5 of 8
    Glow In The Dark
    Such a rad idea. A flower specimen that glows in the dark!
    See more at Tangles & Twists.
  • Beautiful Bouquet 6 of 8
    Beautiful Bouquet
    Put them in a vase, lay them on the table or carry them around all day. These are so pretty and simple to make.
    See them at Project Wedding.
  • Pom Pom Flowers 7 of 8
    Pom Pom Flowers
    These fun poms along with some dried twigs look awesome in a vase.
    Buy them at Juneberry Lane.
  • Sculpy Plants 8 of 8
    Sculpy Plants
    How adorable are these?I'd love a dozen of them for my window sill. Maybe fake plants like sun too?
    Buy them at My Craft Garden.

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