For Moms Only: Gorgeous New Bracelets That Help You Stay Sane

…and also how I was outsmarted by a crafty 4-year-old.

I have this new bracelet. It’s really so clever and pretty at the same time. It comes in beautiful packaging ready to gift. It has beads that you can slide from one side to the other to keep track of any one of the many things that moms need to keep track of. For example, the new mother might keep track of diaper changes or feedings. The lose-the-baby-weight mom might keep track of glasses of water per day or laps around the block. The mom of toddlers might keep track of glasses of wine… well you get my point. I, however, thought it would be brilliant to use my bracelet to keep track of my 4-year-old’s behavior. A “good deed bead” slid over for moments of politeness and good hygiene, a bead slid back for acts of terrorism and selfishness. She was on board. She liked the beads. She liked them so much…

that she was inspired to make her own bracelet of good deed beads. Then she used it to keep track of MY good and bad behavior. Then she simply started giving me a bead or taking one away whenever I did. And that is the story of how I was outsmarted by a 4-year-old. I’m sure there is a lesson here, other than never providing your creative child with craft supplies. I will think on that while I gaze at my pretty bauble and slide another “wine bead.”

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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