FREE Gift Ideas for Moms: What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Each year on Mother’s Day, I give my kids the same gift ideas that I offer at every birthday and Christmas. As the mother of three girls (which, apparently, is the most stressful parenting combination possible), there are just two things I really, really want for any given holiday.

A clean house and well-behaved children.

In 15 years of parenting, I’ve never actually gotten both at the same time. Oh, they try. Sometimes. Maybe it’s just too much to ask, so I’ve learned to break it down for them and add a few other ideas. I’m just trying to save them some money. Because, the truth is, the best gift ideas for moms don’t cost a thing!

Here are a few items on my wishlist for Mother’s Day this year:

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    FREE Gift Ideas Mom Will Really Love

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  • A Clean House 2 of 8
    clean house

    Yeah, I'm still asking for this one. But, I've learned to be happy with a partially clean house. I may not get them to clean their bedrooms for me, but they do a respectable job of picking up the main areas for me.

  • A Carpool Break 3 of 8

    When I tell you we're in the car a lot, I mean a lot! We drive over 200 miles each week just to get the kids to and from school every day. Then there's Girl Scouts and softball and study sessions and whatever else the girls need to get to on a regular basis. For Mother's Day, I'd give anything for a week off of driving! Bonus points if you clean the van while you have it.

  • Peace and Quiet 4 of 8
    Peace and Quiet

    I know there will come a day when all I really want for Mother's Day is a day with my kids, but for now—in the trenches of motherhood—I'd really just like a little quiet. They don't have to go away, really. I love watching them interact and get along from afar all day long. I just really want a peaceful day.

  • Manual Labor 5 of 8
    manual labor

    You know what really feels like a gift to me? Crossing things off the to-do list. Husbands, take note: if you really want to impress her this Mother's Day, pick a project you've been putting off and get. it. done.

  • Control 6 of 8

    Okay, so we'd settle for control of the remote! We're tired of Dora and Good Luck, Charlie. For just one day, the T.V. belongs to Mom!
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  • Sleep 7 of 8

    They're so cute when they're sleeping, right? If only they'd let us do it more ourselves! The hubby often gets up with the girls on Mother's Day and takes them out for breakfast. They'd love to make me breakfast in bed, but let's face it, I just want to sleep in! With the family gone, I can indulge in the quiet, wake up at my leisure, and enjoy them far more later in the day when I'm well rested.

  • Heartfelt Thanks 8 of 8
    heartfelt thanks

    I love the handwritten notes far more than any card you could ever buy. Even more, I love when the hubby writes something heartfelt inside the card. Better yet, he once wrote a full letter thanking me for being a good mom. I still cherish it and tear up every time I read it.


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