Fun Things to Do for Screen-Free Week

Today kicked off the national No Screen Week campaign.

Remember TV Turnoff Week? Yeah. Same thing — only now they’re coming for your video games, too.

Kidding. (Mostly.)

I do think it’s a good idea to encourage kids to participate in non-digital activities as much as possible.

That’s why I kick my girls outside every day, as soon as they finish with homework and chores. For the most part, television and video games are reserved for cold or rainy days. Oh, and car rides.

We do enjoy playing video games together. In fact, we spent two full days this weekend doing nothing else. But, I like the push to get off the couch and so something more active. If you’re looking to cut screen time this or just want some new ideas for low cost family fun, check out these unplugged activities:

  • Board Games 1 of 14
    Board Games
    I'm not a fan of most kids' games. Instead, choose fun games that can be modified for younger kids — Dominos, Yahtzee, and Cranium games are favorites here.
    More games that don't suck at Miscellaneous Mom
    Photo Credit: Flickr user
  • Letterboxing 2 of 14
    Geocaching is a no this week & mdash; that GPS has a screen, you know! Try your hand at letterboxing instead. Kids will get a kick out of creating their own stamps and collecting them on their treasure hunts.
    Photo and tutorial via Bagels and Crawfish
  • Balloon Games 3 of 14
    Balloon Games
    Balloons are fun for indoor activities, since they aren't likely to knock over your good vase or otherwise destroy the house.
    Find several balloon games at All Free Crafts
    Photo Credit: Moosh in Indy
  • Croquet 4 of 14
    If your kids are into Alice in Wonderland, they'll be super excited to play croquet in their own backyard. This is a simple game using pool noodles.
    Photo and tutorial via Frugal Family Fun Blog
  • Twister 5 of 14
    Twister is an awesome family game — it's active, silly, and always ends in giggles. I am loving this outdoor version, created as part of a birthday party celebration.
    Photo and more party ideas via You Plus Me for Always
  • Read Aloud 6 of 14
    Read Aloud
    It's easy to read aloud to babies and toddlers, but older kids can enjoy it just as much. Charlott'es Web and Ralph S. Mouse are some of my favorite read aloud chapter books, but the girls really like Shel Silverstein poetry.
    Find more read aloud books
  • Dance Party 7 of 14
    Dance Party
    My girls love to dance! Put on some music, let the kids dress up, and enjoy a fun, active evening. Be sure to join in for a lot of laughs — and high calorie burn.
    Photo and more dance party ideas via Brassy Apple
  • Play Sports 8 of 14
    Play Sports
    We've enjoyed playing baseball in the evenings lately, as we help the girls practice. Kickball, basketball, and this awesome football toss would also be fun.
    Photo and more sporty games via Family Fun
  • Mashmallow Poppers 9 of 14
    Mashmallow Poppers
    I'm pretty sure the girls would get a huge kick out of these marshmallow poppers! We've also had a blast over epic fights with Nerf guns, squirt guns, and lightsabers.
    Photo and tutorial via Come Together Kids
  • Olympic Games 10 of 14
    Olympic Games
    With the summer games coming up in just a few months, Olympic-inspired activities are going to be a big hit. I love this javelin toss with pool noodles.
    Photo and tutorial via
  • Ding Dong Ditch 11 of 14
    Ding Dong Ditch
    If you've been "Booed" at Halloween or "egged" at Easter, you'll love this year-round way to treat your neighbors.
    Photo and printables via Poppies at Play
  • Bean Bag Toss 12 of 14
    Bean Bag Toss
    We call this game cornhole around here, and we've got a set in the garage! It's fun for all ages and gets a little competitive in our family.
    Photo and tutorial via Sew Woodsy
  • Science Experiments 13 of 14
    Science Experiments
    Experiments are fun and educational at the same time. Steve Spangler has a lot of great tutorials you can do from home. My girls prefer experiments you can eat, though, so we're all candy science all the time.
    Photo and tutorials via Candy Experiments
    Photo and tutorial via blog
  • Restaurant 14 of 14
    Bake with your kids, allow them to help with dinner or just let them serve the food restaurant style with these great ideas.
    Photo and tutorial via No Time for Flash Cards

How are you unplugging this week?

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