Furniture with Feelings: 16 Faces in Unexpected Places!

Did you ever look around your house and get the feeling that something was watching you? After a quick scan of your surroundings (preferably with blunt object in hand — you know, to fight off any murderers/robbers/clowns you might encounter), you might try to tell yourself it was all in your head.

… Or was it? After seeing these photos, you won’t be able to help finding the faces in light fixtures, dresser handles, chairs, locks, and other common household items. But don’t worry — most of them are friendly! Or just need a hug. Check out 15 of our favorites after the jump! — Jillian Capewell

  • I’m So Excited 1 of 16
    I'm So Excited
    Were you not pumped for life yet? This chair wants to convince you otherwise.
    Photo credit: Thingsthatlooklikefaces
  • Wicker Dresser Is Pleased to Store Your Things 2 of 16
    Wicker Dresser Is Pleased to Store Your Things
    Veeeery pleased …
    Photo credit: Flickr user dogbomb
  • Feeling a Little … Off 3 of 16
    Feeling a Little … Off
    This little guy had too much furniture polish, methinks.
    Photo credit: Flickruser trawin
  • Shocked! 4 of 16
    You will never look at an outlet the same way again.
    Photo credit: Flickr user jnyemb
  • Grater Than the Sum of Its Holes 5 of 16
    Grater Than the Sum of Its Holes
    Never has preparing dinner been so cute!
    Photo credit: Flickruser aacckk
  • Shelf Help 6 of 16
    Shelf Help
    Sometimes you get so bummed you just want to hurl. Sad bookshelf says: you're not alone.
    Photo credit: Near Emmaus
  • Buggin Out 7 of 16
    Buggin Out
    Faucets: An endless goldmine of expression.
    Photo credit: Flickr user slideshow bob
  • Smug Nightstand 8 of 16
    Smug Nightstand
    If this nightstand had an emoticon, we're pretty sure it would be :3.
    Photo credit: Pretty in Paint
  • In on the Joke 9 of 16
    In on the Joke
    Some days, it just feels like everything is laughing at you — uh, we mean with you.
    Photo credit: Teo in Pixeland
  • The Writing on the … Bed? 10 of 16
    The Writing on the ... Bed?
    Don't mattresses on the side of the road always look so sad? This guy should meet up with these sad couches — they'd have a lot to talk about.
    Photo credit: Sad Stuff on the Street via Crushable
  • OMG 11 of 16
    We can just imagine these two tables gossiping all day …
    Photo credit: Niriti
  • He’s Got a Good Personality 12 of 16
    He's Got a Good Personality
    The site we found this on called this "the ugliest chair in the world" … yeah, we'd be frowning too!
    Photo credit: Razormind
  • The Ultimate in Safety 13 of 16
    The Ultimate in Safety
    Don't mess with the baby inside. Seriously.
    Photo credit: Dump a Day
  • A Stack of Happy 14 of 16
    A Stack of Happy
    And they say money can't buy happiness — seems like it's around £3.
    Photo credit: Aref-Adib
  • Wrong Side of the Bed 15 of 16
    Wrong Side of the Bed
    This clock isn't mad you slept in again, just disappointed.
    Photo credit: Dump a Day
  • Bonus: Babble Exclusive! 16 of 16
    Bonus: Babble Exclusive!
    It wasn't until the end of writing this post that I saw the mustached door had been staring me down this whole time. It's an epidemic, people!

Main photo: cllctr


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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