Get Grammy-fied! Home Decor Inspired By Our Favorite Grammy-Nominated Artists

Grammy nominee Nicki Minaj works the stage in a colorful getup. And look! We spy her sofa twin!

Are you rolling in the deep with your boring home decor? Looking for rockin’ ideas to spruce up your crib? Lady Gaga and Adele just might be your decorating saviors. With the Grammy’s this Sunday, we decided it’s only right to give our homes a musician’s touch! From Adele-style gothic kitchen accents to candy-licious kid’s room decor worthy of Katy Perry — we rounded up our favorite home decor finds inspired by 2012 Grammy-nominated artists. Get the scoop on how to Grammy-fy your home after the jump! — Jennifer Gimbel


  • Lady Gaga-Inspired Bathroom 1 of 21
    Lady Gaga-Inspired Bathroom
    The Queen of Pop nabbed 3 Grammy nominations this year, including Album of the Year, for her latest album Born This Way. Whether you're one of her "little monsters" or are just an innocent bystander of her outlandish behavior, Lady Gaga never fails to shock us with her obscure fashion choices and over-the-top performances — both of which helped inspire this unique bathroom ...
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  • Egg-Shaped Bathtub 2 of 21
    Egg-Shaped Bathtub
    Don't be an egg head … how could you forget the uproar at last year's Grammy awards when Lady Gaga arrived on the red carpet in none other than a giant egg?! With this modern egg-shaped bathtub, you too can emerge from "incubation" every morning fresh and clean in true Gaga style.
    Get this Suviana bathtub from The Interior Gallery, $2,499
  • Bubbles Wall Mirror 3 of 21
    Bubbles Wall Mirror
    Inspired by Gaga's obscure bubble dress she wore at a performance back in 2009, this bubbles wall mirror adds a fun, quirky element to your modern bathroom.
    Get this wall mirror from Amazon, $55
  • Adele-Inspired Kitchen 4 of 21
    Adele-Inspired Kitchen
    Rising star Adele hit mainstream music just this past year and nabbed six Grammy nominations, including Record of the Year for her powerful song "Rolling in the Deep." Often criticized for her slit-my-wrist-Susan song lyrics, Adele's soulful ballads are oozing with heartbreak, depression, and heart wrenching stories of love lost. In a nod to this album's dark center, we thought a gothic-themed kitchen would be most appropriate.
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  • Seven Deadly Sins Dining Set 5 of 21
    Seven Deadly Sins Dining Set
    Your kitchen just got a lot darker with this dining set modeled after the seven deadly sins. We hate to be the ones assigning place settings at this table ...
    Get this dining set from Jimmie Martin, price upon request
  • Black Gothic Chandelier 6 of 21
    Black Gothic Chandelier
    Add some light (figuratively speaking, of course) to your kitchen with this gorgeous black chandelier that is sure to leave anti-goth naysayers rolling in the deep.
    Get this chandelier from Everything Office Furniture, $635
  • Nicki Minaj-Inspired Family Room 7 of 21
    Nicki Minaj-Inspired Family Room
    The colorful up-and-coming pop star, Nicki Minaj, scored three Grammy nominations (including Best New Artist) for her rap album Pink Friday. This pink-haired beauty is the inspiration behind this colorful and funky family room décor!
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  • Multicolored Sofa 8 of 21
    Multicolored Sofa
    Whether you're in need of a fun place to jam out to "Super Bass" or to lounge and watch the Grammy's this Sunday, this psychedelic, multicolored sofa by Edra is your best bet. Bring the colorful entertainment of Nicki herself right to your family room with a cushy couch that doesn't skimp on comfort … or fun!
    Get this Edra Cipria Sofa from Switch Modern, $20,746
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  • Neon Lips Wall Mirror 9 of 21
    Neon Lips Wall Mirror
    This kissable wall mirror is another funky way to add a touch of Nicki's sass to your family room!
    Get this wall mirror from Amazon, $75
  • Rihanna-Inspired Bedroom 10 of 21
    Rihanna-Inspired Bedroom
    R&B sensation Rihanna picked up three Grammy nominations including Record of the Year for her hit album Loud. With hit songs like "California King Bed" and "S&M," Rihanna seemed to be the perfect Grammy artist to theme a sexy bedroom after.
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  • California King Bed 11 of 21
    California King Bed
    Okay Rihanna … sure this California king bed is absurdly big, but saying lovers are a million miles apart in it is QUITE the exaggeration. Either way, there's no better way to channel the sexiness of this pop princess than through this modern platform California kind bed. Now if only your husband could get ahold of some "S&M"-inspired accessories …
    Get this modern platform bed from My Best Furniture, $858
  • Umbrella Pendant Lamp 12 of 21
    Umbrella Pendant Lamp
    Go back to the song that made us fall in love with Rihanna and you'll find the lyrics ella, ella, ella stuck in your head all day. Her notoriously addictive hit ballad "Umbrella" is the inspiration behind this quirky umbrella lamp ... an imaginative way to light up your bedroom! And bonus: you can make it yourself!
    Get the tutorial to make this umbrella lamp from Ready Made
  • Katy Perry-Inspired Kids Room 13 of 21
    Katy Perry-Inspired Kids Room
    Katy Perry holds tight to two Grammy nominations, including Record of the Year for her inspiring pop ballad, "Firework." In honor of her youthful, colorful, and downright candy-licious "California Gurls" music video, we saw no artist more fitting than Katy to inspire a colorful, sweet-themed bedroom for your little girl!
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  • Mini Gummy Bear Chandelier 14 of 21
    Mini Gummy Bear Chandelier
    While these gummy bears aren't quite as cute as those in Katy's music video, we couldn't think of a sweeter way to add a splash of whimsy to your kid's room than with this multicolored chandelier comprised of hundreds of gummies!
    Get this chandelier from Jellio, $2400
  • Cupcake Table 15 of 21
    Cupcake Table
    In lieu of a typical night stand, this adorable cupcake table inspired by the cupcake bra Katy sports in her "California Gurls" music video is a unique way to add color to your little one's room.
    Get this cupcake table from Jellio, $750
  • Wiz Khalifa-Inspired Home Office 16 of 21
    Wiz Khalifa-Inspired Home Office
    Rapper Wiz Khalifa just hit the radio waves last year with his hit song "Black and Yellow," earning him two Grammy nominations, including Best Rap Song. While it may seem odd to theme your home office after a rapper, you'd be surprised how chic the color combo black and yellow, black and yellow is!
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  • Black and Yellow Desk 17 of 21
    Black and Yellow Desk
    Whether you're a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers or modern aesthetic, this black and yellow desk marries elegance and functionalism in one incredible, modern design. Or if that hasn't sold you, it's a great conversation starter for your Wiz Khalifa-obsessed pals!
    Get this desk from Babini, price upon request
  • Yellow Book Shelf 18 of 21
    Yellow Book Shelf
    Store books, DVDs, or your collection of rap EPs in this yellow book shelf … the perfect complement to your modern black and yellow desk.
    Get this book shelf from Ikea, $79.99
  • Taylor Swift-Inspired Porch 19 of 21
    Taylor Swift-Inspired Porch
    Our favorite country crooner Taylor Swift picked up three Grammy nominations for her latest album Speak Now, including Best Country Album of the Year. Whenever we hear her songs, we can't help but imagine ourselves sitting on this Taylor Swift-inspired porch, watching fireflies dance in the woods ...
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  • Porch Swing 20 of 21
    Porch Swing
    This cedar log porch swing is the perfect way to bring the country to your home … and a great spot to brush up on your guitar skills!
    Get this porch swing from Swing Showcase, $208
  • Rustic Outdoor Wall Light 21 of 21
    Rustic Outdoor Wall Light
    Bring an enchanted glow to your back porch with these rustic, nature-inspired wall lights. The perfect mood lighting to create your own love story this February!
    Get this wall light from Sears, $190


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