Get Organized in 2012: 10 Ways to Organize a Small Kitchen — Without a Pantry!

A small kitchen can be cozy. A small kitchen can make it easy to cook without a lot of reaching around. But a small kitchen, no matter how well-equipped, can mean it’s hard to store your food. No case-lot sales for you … unless you try some of these efficient and brilliant tips for making the most of smaller kitchens. You don’t need a spacious pantry to store everything you need: you just need some great ideas … here are a few that might help — after the break!

  • Use drawer organizers to store more 1 of 10
    Use kitchen drawers to store food using dividers that you can find at Ikea or other similar stores. More organized means you can fit more.
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  • Use can organizers — really! 2 of 10
    Fit more into your small cabinet space with can organizers.
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  • Use glass jars on your counters for oft-used items 3 of 10
    Keep often-used items in attractive glass jars on your counters for easy access.
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  • Use space-saving containers 4 of 10
    Group like items together in kitchen cupboards with easy access containers
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  • Try under-shelf baskets 5 of 10
    Double your shelves and store twice as much in your cabinets with under-shelf baskets.
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  • Turn a bookshelf into a pantry 6 of 10
    Use all available shelves -- even those in a hutch or bookshelf. This is a cute idea ... like a cold cellar on the bottom shelf.
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  • Make a Morning Coffee Station 7 of 10
    Mount a shelf above your counter to store items for a Morning Coffee Station.
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  • Custom-tailor your shelves with DIY organizers 8 of 10
    Make some DIY Kitchen Cabinet Organizers to make the most of your cupboard space.
    Learn more at The DIY Life
  • Make cabinet doors magnetic 9 of 10
    Add magnetic sheeting to the inside of cabinets and hang pots of spices or small kitchen items.
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  • Try a pull-out pantry organizer 10 of 10
    If you have space between your fridge and cabinets, install this pull-out pantry organizer.
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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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