Get Organized in 2012: 16 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom!

Welcome to a more organized 2012. I’m taking one space at a time as I get more organized in my home. One space that easily gets cluttered fast is the bathroom. There are so many little items and the space gets used so much that it’s imperative to have this room organized with a place for everything! Check out these 16 bathroom organization ideas and DIY projects … after the jump.

  • Free-Standing Toiletry Holder 1 of 16
    Add a free-standing piece of furniture in a bight pop of color to hold some of the extra toiletries if your existing cabinets aren't big enough!
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • DIY Mason Jars 2 of 16
    Store oft-used and little items like cotton balls, makeup sponges, cotton swabs, and so forth with this easy DIY and industrial-chic project.
    Learn more at Liz Marie
  • Shelves Inside Cabinet Doors 3 of 16
    Make better use of bathroom or linen closet shelves with this great idea. It's a good way to get control of little items inside a large space.
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Desk Organizers in the Bathroom 4 of 16
    Use unexpected things to organize your bathroom essentials. These desk organizers make great bathroom under the sink and drawer organizers too!
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  • Matching Labeled Baskets Under Cabinet 5 of 16
    Did you find a great (January) sale on storage baskets? Scoop them up, label them, and use them as attractive bathroom organizers you actually don't mind showing off!
    Learn more at Lovely Living
  • Dollar Store Containers Velcroed to Drawer 6 of 16
    This is a simple -- but incredibly effective solution to organizing drawers and keeping those organizers from sliding around.
    Learn more at tatertots & jello
  • Vintage Cups and Saucers as Jewelry Holders 7 of 16
    It's not easy to put those cute cups and saucers to use ... but this great idea lets you show them off as well as organizing your jewelry!
    Learn more at imgfave: thn26987
  • Holding Makeup in Dollar-Store Vases 8 of 16
    Here's a cute way to organize everyday makeup implements using inexpensive dollar-store materials.
    Learn more at Liz Marie
  • Towel Shelf Above Bathroom Door 9 of 16
    Tight on space? Use that unused space above the bathroom door to store extra towels, washcloths, and more.
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Galvanized Magnetic Vanity Backing 10 of 16
    One big challenge with bathroom space is trying to fit a lot of little things into horizontal shelving. Take a tip from garage workshop organizers: hang your beauty tools vertically with this great idea.
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Storage Bins from Ikea 11 of 16
    if there's one simple solution to getting organized, it's Ikea. There are a lot of other great places to shop, but they have some incredibly useful and well-designed organizational pieces like this one.
    Learn more at Ikea
  • Makeup in Integrated Bin 12 of 16
    This is so organized it's almost breathtaking :). Get control of your makeup supplies with this great, super-organized approach.
    Learn more at This Is Glamorous
  • Hair Dryer Drawer with Outlet 13 of 16
    Got some DIY skills? Get that hairdryer off the counter and free up valuable outlet space with this efficient, time-saving idea.
    Learn more at Remodeling
  • Customized Hair Dryer Drawer 14 of 16
    Got a lot of hot sticks that make your hair pretty, as my husband would describe them? Put them in their place with this great, custom drawer idea.
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Pull-Out Laundry Hamper 15 of 16
    I have kitchen trash bins like this ... but under-the-counter laundry bins are a brilliant twist on that idea.
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • PVC Pipe Curling Iron Rack 16 of 16
    From a great magazine for DIY ideas, here's a great one that takes PVC scraps or a couple dollars' worth) and gets those curling irons out of the way ... in just a few minutes' work.
    Learn more at Family Handyman


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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