Get Organized in 2012: 16 Ways to Organize Your Closet!”

Nowhere builds up clutter faster than the closet. (And kids closets can be the worst!) But you can organize it and make it beautiful at the same time. I’m not going to restate the things we all know — like donating things you haven’t worn in a full year — but instead I’ve found 16 DIY projects and gadgets to inspire you as you tackle your closet organization … after the break!

  • Turn an Extra Room Into a Dressing Room 1 of 16
    if you're lucky enough to have an extra room -- maybe a guest room -- turn it into a dressing room. Here are some great ideas for making that happen.
    Learn more at Honey and Fitz
  • Add a Charging Station in a Closet Drawer 2 of 16
    This is a brilliant way to to keep everything charged -- seems like every few months there's another device that needs more electricity. And here's an attractive way to keep them under control and out of sight.
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Add Some Color! 3 of 16
    While you're organizing, move away from plain white with a splash of color in the rug, the paint, and even the hangers.
    Learn more at Five Days 5 Ways
  • Add Bold Wallpaper or a Glam Chandelier 4 of 16
    You can decorate and make it look good -- even when you're reorganizing! Check out this amazing use of bold wallpaper ... and adding a glamorous chandelier.
    Learn more at DecorPad
  • Convert Your Attic into a Closet 5 of 16
    Got attic space? Turn it into closet space with this great idea.
    Learn more at Apartment Therapy
  • Built-In Storage Unit 6 of 16
    If you don't have room for a dresser, get a bed with storage built in like this one!
    from Pottery Barn
  • Create an Instant Closet 7 of 16
    If you don't have a closet, take the end of a room and section it off with curtains, add shelves and dividers and you have an instant closet.
    Learn more at Design Remont
  • Add a Vanity 8 of 16
    If your closet is big enough, add a little vanity, light and stool to one end as a makeup station.
    Learn more at DecorPad
  • Add Custom Space Savers 9 of 16
    The pricey, custom closet installations will make bespoke storage areas just for your needs. Take a page from their book and make custom, space-saving storage items just for your closet.
    Learn more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Use Hanging Shelves 10 of 16
    If you don't have enough shelf space, use hanging shelves to hold pants, shoes, or sweaters.
    Learn more at Container Store
  • Make Drawer Organizers out of Cardboard 11 of 16
    Organize your drawers ... in your drawers ... with these great and easy cardboard organizers.
    Learn more at A Real Housewife of NYC
  • Keep Shoes in Clean Containers 12 of 16
    Keep shoes tidy and keep the dirt from your soles off your closet and clothes.
    Learn more at Container Store
  • Use Drapes Instead of Doors 13 of 16
    Doors, sliding or normal, take up a lot of floor space and closet space. Try some cute curtains instead!
    Learn more at Apartment Therapy
  • Add Charm with Glass Sliding Doors 14 of 16
    These glass doors are amazing -- space saving and distinctive.
    Learn more at The Old Painted College
  • Organize Clothing by What Looks Good Together 15 of 16
    Make those bleary mornings easier by organizing clothes by outfit, not by type.
    Learn more at HGTV
  • Use Wrapping Paper to Disguise Storage Contents 16 of 16
    Don't want to advertise your penchant for leopard-print unmentionables? Obscure those transparent storage containers with this great idea.
    Learn more at Organizing Made Fun


And, here’s a link to my Closet Reorganization Post — I used Dollar Items from Target 🙂


Let’s get organized in 2012!!



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