Get Organized in 2012: 19 Ways to Organize Your Creative Supplies!

Creating is awesome. There’s nothing better than being able to use your imagination make something. But storing the tools and supplies — well, that’s a challenge for even the most organized crafter. For your consideration and inspiration, I present you with 19 ways to get your craft space — or any place you use for crafts — nice and organized! Check these ideas out after the break!


  • Store Craft Supplies on Magnet Board 1 of 19
    This is a great idea ... often, it's easy to think of space as horizontal ("how will I fit everything in the drawer/on the shelf?"). But by taking small things and putting them in small containers with transparent lids and magnets on the base ... you've got everything out of the way yet easy to see.
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  • Make a DIY Craft Desk Out of Cube Shelves 2 of 19
    Want a desk made just how you like it ... and to save some cash too? Try this great DIY desk ... incorporating some great cube shelf storage.
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  • Upcycle Cans: Glue Them Together for Craft Storage 3 of 19
    Some stuff you like to have right at hand, but not in a big disorganized pile. Try this great upcycling idea!
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  • Organize Your Fabrics 4 of 19
    Fabric storage is many a crafter's hidden shame. But it doesn't have to be. Check out this great idea that not only stores fabric, but makes it easy to find AND a decor element in the room!
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  • Store Stamps in Binder with Clear Pockets 5 of 19
    Got a lot of stamps? Take a cue from other collectors -- even philatelists, those other stamp collectors, and store your craft stamps in clear organizer pages in a nice, three-ring binder.
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  • Make a DIY Crafting Lazy Susan 6 of 19
    It's nice to have a lot of frequently-used tools at hand, and it's even nicer if you're sharing with others around a table. Try this unique DIY craft lazy Susan idea!
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  • Make a Blackboard Inspiration Wall 7 of 19
    Sometimes it's hard to be inspired until you can draw on the wall ... and with this great idea, you'll have plenty of space for inspiration. All you'll need is some blackboard paint!
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  • Install A Slotted Wall Storage System to hold Storage Cubes 8 of 19
    Slot Wall is the retailer's friend ... and it can be the crafter's friend, too! You can put in cubes, shelves, hooks, and more, all put in just the way you like.
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  • Make A Floor-To-Ceiling Memo Board 9 of 19
    Get those slips of ideas, inspirations, clippings, cute cards and other debris off your desk and on to the wall where you can enjoy them ... and remove some desk clutter too!
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  • Organize Metallic Tools using IKEA Magnet Strips 10 of 19
    This is a great workshop organization idea ... made even easier from our Swedish friends at IKEA. If it's metal, store it easily with magnetic strips!
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  • Make a Movable Craft Cart 11 of 19
    Take yourself and your craft tools to the craft ... not just bring the crafts to you! Try this useful, movable craft cart project!
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  • Keep Your Craft Supplies in a Vintage Suitcase 12 of 19
    This is cute beyond words. If you've got a vintage suitcase you haven't pressed into decorative service, try using it as a storage container for your craft supplies!
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  • Wrap Embroidery Floss Around Clothespins 13 of 19
    Embroidery floss can be such a mess ... but here's a brilliant idea for keeping it easily untangled and easy to work with.
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  • Use Closet Organizers to Store Craft Supplies 14 of 19
    Try using closet organizers to keep your craft supplies sorted ... suggesting you might want to wander through the organization sections of the store to see what other storage solutions you might try!
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  • Store Craft Supplies in Vintage Crates 15 of 19
    Stumble across some vintage crates? Add some texture and charm to your craft storage by turning them into shelves.
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  • Carve Out Some Crafting Space with an Old Cupboard 16 of 19
    Upcycle, reuse and recycle an old cupboard when you turn it into a great craft organizer. Besides being adorable, it can be shut to hide the clutter!
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  • Wrap Ribbon Around Piece of Poster Board 17 of 19
    My husband does this with cardboard and Christmas lights ... I should have thought to apply that same principle to ribbon! This great idea helps keep ribbon organized!
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  • Store Paper in Accordion Files 18 of 19
    Sure, accordion files store regular, boring work papers ... but instead, use them to keep your craft and scrapbook paper sorted!
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  • Hang Towel Rods on the Back of a Door for a Wrapping Station 19 of 19
    Envious of the houses with large, dedicated wrapping stations? You don't need to waste a lot of space to have something just as useful. Try this towel rod approach to make your wrapping a snap.
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